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Fit Tower  Legs, Glutes & Core DVD cathe Gym Style Legs workout DVD cathe pure strength series workout dvd
Gym Style Legs Workout DVD
Our Price: $19.97

Pure Strength Series Exercise DVD
Regular Price $19.97

Cathe's Fit Tower  Legs, Glutes & Core DVD Level: Advanced 3 Strength and Toning Workouts on 1 DVD
XTRAIN User's Guide Cathe Body Blast Series: Kick, Punch and Crunch + Legs workout DVD cathe Intensity Series: Pyramid Upper Body and Lower workout dvd
XTRAIN - User's Guide
Our Price: $19.97

Official User Guide for Cathe's XTrain Program Level: Advanced - A must have for any Cathe fan! - 2 workouts on 1 DVD Level: advanced - 2 strength training workouts on 1 DVD
cathe slow & heavy series workout dvd cathe Butts and Guts workout DVD Lower Body Blast DVD
Slow & Heavy Series Workout DVD
Regular Price $22.97

Butts and Guts Exercise DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Lower Body Blast Exercise DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Level: Advanced - 3 strength training workouts on 1 DVD Level: Advanced - super thorough, super effective, lower body solution Includes 5 Premixes
Total Body Tri-Sets  DVD Turbo Barre  DVD HiiT Circuit Lower Body Workout DVD
Total Body TriSets Workout DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Turbo Barre Workout DVD
Our Price: $22.97

HiiT Circuit Lower Body Workout DVD
Our Price: $22.97
Deal of the Day Price: $17.97
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New! - Now in Stock! New! - Now in Stock! Includes 8 premixes
XTRAIN  Legs and Rear Delts Workout DVD Great Glutes DVD Lean Legs & Abs DVD
Great Glutes DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Lean Legs & Abs DVD
Our Price: $22.97
Deal of the Day Price: $17.97
You save $5.00!

Includes 11 Premix Workouts New! - Now in Stock! New! - Now in Stock!
PHA Training DVD STS Users' Guide Fit Tower Downloads Only
PHA Training DVD
Our Price: $22.97

STS Users' Guide
Our Price: $24.99

Fit Tower Downloads Only
Our Price: $37.97
Includes Premixes Level: Advanced Does Not Include Premixes
Fit Tower Advanced DVD 3 Pack Bundle STS Optional Squat Rack Routine (4 DVD set)
Gym Style Series DVDs
Our Price: $49.98
Includes Premixes Level: Advanced - STS Optional Squat Rack routines (4 DVD set) Level: Advanced - 3 workouts on 3 DVDs from the Hardcore series
cathe cross train xpress workout dvd cathe Intensity Series Discount Bundle - All 3 Intensity workout DVD's Cathe Body Blast Series Discount Bundle -  All 3 workout DVDs
Cross Train Xpress Exercise DVD
Regular price $59.97

8 workouts on 2 DVDs Level: Advanced - 6 workouts at a special discounted price Level: Advanced - 6 workouts on 3 DVDs - Only
cathe 4 Day Split Series DVD Fit Tower DVDs and Downloads Workout Bundle
4 Day Split DVD series
Our Price: $59.97

Level: Advanced - 8 Workouts (4 Cardio + 4 Strength Workouts) Get Both DVDs and Downloads Level: Advanced - 9 workouts on 4 DVDs - Only $7.77 per DVD
Cathe Discount Bundle - Timesaver DVD + All 3 Body Blast workout DVD's DVD 5 Pack Bundle DVD 6 Pack Bundle
DVD 5 Pack Bundle
Our Price: $69.97

DVD 6 Pack Bundle
Our Price: $79.97

Level: Advanced - 11 workouts on 4 DVDs  for only $6.36 each Includes Premixes Includes Premixes

DVDs For Toning and Shaping Legs & Glutes

Firm, full buttocks and toned fit legs are in vogue right now, but did they ever really go out of style? Everyone wants a great pair of glutes. Yet most people aren't born with round, firm glutes. Even those who do have naturally round, perky buttocks eventually notice the downward force of gravity pulling their once high, firm buttocks downward.Yes, buttocks do flatten and move southward with age but strengthening your glutes will give your buttocks the definition they need to look more youthful. These DVDs have been designed by Cathe to solve these problems and help you tone and shape your legs and glutes. It's time to show your lower body "Whose Boss".