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Cathe's Hardcore Workout DVD Series

The Hardcore Series consists of ten workouts and 27 premixes, This series contains a mix of step aerobics, strength training, and toning routines, kickbox, high step, core, muscle endurance and even a stretch routine on ten different DVDs:

  • Imax 3
  • Low Max
  • Muscle Max
  • High Step Challenge
  • Kick Max
  • Core Max
  • Stretch Max
  • Gym Style Back, Shoulders & Biceps
  • Gym Style Chest & Triceps
  • Gym Style Legs

The Hardcore Series is a home workout training program that is perfect for the person who wants a weekly exercise program that repeats each week featuring step aerobics, Intervals, upper and lower body strength training, and even a relaxing stretch routine. With 27 premixes you can constantly change and mix up your workout routine so that it never gets boring and your body and mind are constantly challenged in new and different ways. Click on any of the individual workout DVDs shown below to view video clips from each exercise DVD in this series.

Video Previews

    Hardcore Series: Core Max
    Hardcore Series: Gym Style Back, Shoulders and Biceps
    Hardcore Series: Gym Style Chest and Triceps
    Hardcore Series: Gym Style Legs
    Hardcore Series: High Step Challenge
    Hardcore Series: Imax 3
    Hardcore Series: Kick Max
    Hardcore Series: Low Max
    Hardcore Series: Muscle Max
    Hardcore Series: Stretch Max

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Cathe Kick Max workout DVD Cathe Hardcore Series:Core Max Workout DVD Cathe Hardcore Series: Gym Style Chest & Triceps Workout DVD
Kick Max DVD
Our Price:
Core Max DVD
Our Price:
Level: Advanced Level: Intermediate/Advanced Level: Advanced - One of our most popular Strength Training Workouts
cathe Low Max workout DVD cathe Gym Style Legs workout DVD cathe Imax 3 workout DVD
Low Max DVD
Our Price:
Gym Style Legs DVD
Our Price:
Imax 3 DVD
Our Price:
Level: Intermediate/Advanced - One our most popular low impact step workouts Level: Advanced Level: Advanced- Fun and Maximum Intensity
Cathe Hardcore Series:Stretch Max Workout DVD cathe Back, Shoulders and Biceps workout DVD cathe Muscle Max workout DVD
Stretch Max DVD
Our Price:
Muscle Max DVD
Our Price:
Level:Intermediate/Advanced Level: Advanced Level: Advanced - One Cathe's most popular total body workouts!
cathe High Step Challenge workout DVD Cathe Hardcore Series: Hardcore Extreme Workout DVD cathe All 10 Hardcore workout DVDs
High Step Challenge DVD
Our Price:
Hardcore Extreme DVD
Regular Price $22.97
Level: Advanced Level: Advanced- 3 intense workouts on 1 DVD 10 hardcore workouts - Only $9.99 each