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Why You Should Add Cathe Elastic Exercise Resistance Bands To Your Workout

Resistance bands are gaining in popularity as a great way to keep fit and lose weight at the same time. That's because you can use them at home, eliminating the need to go to a gym. Plus, they're widely available at sport good stores and online.

If you're new to exercise or want to exercise more at home, resistance bands are an excellent way to develop strength and build muscle. In fact, they have some added "perks" that dumbbells don't have. Let's look at why dumbbells are a great investment for your home workouts and why they offer advantages that weights don't.

Cathe Exercise Bands Build Muscle as Well as Dumbbells Do

Some would argue that working with weights is the "real" way to strength train. There is truth to that, but weights aren't the only way to hypertrophy your muscles. Research shows that resistance bands are as effective as dumbbells for building muscle and strength.

One reason exercise bands are so effective is they maintain constant tension on your muscles throughout an exercise. With weights, the force on the muscle drops off at the top of the movement and your muscles get a break. Resistance bands maintain tension from start to finish. So, your muscles must work harder to work against the constant tension.

It's also harder to use momentum with elastic bands. Momentum is where you move the weight quickly or toss it so that the added momentum makes the movement easier. You can't use momentum with resistance bands. Your muscles must exert force throughout the movement and can't slack off.

Studies show that muscle and strength gains are similar between weights and resistance bands. Therefore, you don't have to sacrifice strength and muscle gains by using resistance bands. They're just another form of resistance that can help your muscles grow. Plus, the constant tension on your muscles when you train makes them an effective tool for muscle and strength gains.

We Offer Several Different Types of Elastic Exercise Resistance Bands:

  • Boss Cloth Fabric Bands - these 40-inch elastic cloth bands are virtually unbreakable and work your total body
  • Boss Loops - these elastic 15-inch cloth loops are virtually unbreakable and don't roll up during almost any exercise. These fabric bands are also known as booty bands and glute bands and primarily are used for working your legs & glutes and lower body muscles.
  • Firewalker Loops - These latex-free TPE lower body loops measure about 10 inches and are the most elastic loops we sell for lower body exercises.
  • TPE 6ft Resistance Stretch Bands - These latex-free TPE measure about 6ft and are the most elastic total body bands we sell for total body exercises.

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Cathe Friedrich 6 foot TPE Green Medium Tension Stretch Band Cathe 6 foot TPE Green Medium Stretch Band
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CATHE EXTRA-SMOOTH TPE FIREWALKER RESISTANCE BAND LOOPS (Multipack - 4 Loops) - Cathe Extra-Smooth TPE Firewalker Resistance Band Loops
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Cathe Friedrich  6 foot TPE Stretch Bands Set of 4 Resistance bands with Travel Case Cathe 6 foot TPE Stretch Bands Set of 4 Resistance Bands with Travel Case
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Cathe Fabric Boss Exercise Bands Cathe Boss Bands Only
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Cathe Fabric Boss Loops Glute & Core Exercise Bands Cathe Boss Loops Only
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Cathe Fabric Boss Bands & Total Body Workout DVD Cathe Boss Bands + DVD
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Cathe Fabric Boss Loops Glute Core Workout DVD Cathe Boss Loops + DVD
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The Workout Bands and Tubing by Cathe

If you've been looking for high-quality workout resistance bands and elastic stretch bands for your workout, you have come to the right place. Cathe has the industry's top exercise bands that will have all the resistance power to get you feeling the burn and seeing the results fast. These elastic stretch bands are ones used by Cathe herself in all the workout videos and the ones we recommend to you for your own exercise band workouts.

Resistance bands can be used as a standalone way to strength train, but it's even better to combine them with dumbbells to add variety and target muscles in slightly different ways. Using them is a good way to break through a plateau and keep your workout from becoming stale. It's nice to have a few bands at home for those days you can't make it to the gym too.

Resistance bands or free weights which are better for building strength? Some hardcore bodybuilders think resistance bands are a wimpier way to work out and believe they're inferior to a workout using free weights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here's why.

Resistance Bands vs. Free Weights: Is One Better Than the Other?

Researchers compared strength gains in women after using resistance bands and free weights. They found that women who used resistance bands gained as much strength as those who used a combination of free weights and weight machines. When used properly, resistance bands produce enough force to stimulate muscle growth and build as much strength as free weights. In fact, resistance bands offer some advantages. They're easier to control so you can concentrate on form without fear of dropping the weights or injuring yourself.

Both resistance bands and free weights offer some benefits over weight machines. These machines work one group of muscles over a narrow range and along one plane. When you lift free weights or resistance bands, you use muscles other than the ones you're specifically targeting to stabilize. This not only builds strength, but it burns more calories at the same time. You also get more functional training when you use resistance bands or free weights over machines since you can adjust your workout to mimic movements you use in everyday life.

Good Reasons to Get Resistance Bands

Even if you're sold on free weights, using resistance bands adds variety, which keeps your muscles guessing and helps break a plateau. Working with resistance bands can also improve your form by letting you more easily isolate a particular muscle group and focus in on it, because you can move the bands in any direction.

You're Never Without a Gym

Another benefit of resistance bands is they function as a portable gym. Pop them in your suitcase when you go on a trip or take them with you to work to use in your office. Its an inexpensive and effective way to build strength.

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