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Cathe 6 foot TPE Stretch Bands Set of 4 Resistance Bands with Travel Case
Cathe Friedrich  6 foot TPE Stretch Bands Set of 4 Resistance bands with Travel Case

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The Cathe resistance band set of 4 stretch bands for exercise are made of environmentally friendly TPE and are latex free, yet they're lightweight and portable. The portability of a fitness band gives them an inherent advantage over weights that are too heavy to carry on vacation.
You can build strength and muscle in a variety of ways, by working with dumbbells, barbells, or machines, or doing bodyweight exercises. The key is to work your body against resistance in a way that's challenging enough to force it to adapt and change. Each of these resistance training modalities offers benefits. But there's one tool for resistance training many people fail to take advantage of in their training routine - resistance bands.
You can rest assured that you're getting an effective workout with Cathe TPE 6ft resistance bands. Training with elastic bands leads to similar or, in some cases, greater muscle activation than using a similar resistance with weights. Plus, you can't use momentum to take some of the stimulus off the muscles you're working on. Don't give up the dumbbells and barbells, but add some resistance bands to the mix for a more diverse workout. You might discover you enjoy the variable resistance that these workout bands offer and the way they're easy to carry with you wherever you go.


  • CATHE RESISTANCE BANDS SET - Includes 4 different elastic workout bands strength levels: CORAL = Light Resistance, GREEN = Medium Resistance, BLUE = Heavy Resistance, YELLOW = X-Heavy Resistance. They're suitable for beginners or seasoned exercisers.
  • JUST THE RIGHT LENGTH - To get the proper tension throughout an exercise using exercise resistance bands you need to select workout bands of the proper length. Cathe has always used 6ft resistance bands in her workouts because they are the ideal length for most exercises and will allow consistent and smooth tension throughout each exercise movement.
  • LATEX FREE - Cathe TPE resistance bands are latex-free and offer superior and smoother elasticity throughout the entire exercise movement, including both the concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise. Our bands for working out are also made from environmentally friendly TPE and will not irritate your skin because they are latex free.
  • OUR EXERCISE BANDS CAN BE USED AS THERAPY BANDS, GYM BANDS, SPORTS, AND EXERCISE BANDS - Many people also use our stretch bands for physical therapy. Because you can train vertically, horizontally, or rotationally with physical therapy bands, they're ideal for building functional strength, sports specific training, yoga bands resistance, and physical therapy exercises. Our exercise stretch bands are often used by trainers and physical therapists to help them train rehabilitate and train their clients. You can do exercises with our bands that accomplish a particular objective, like improving your tennis swing. It's not very practical to swing dumbbells around in a horizontal plane. An exercise band gives you more options.
  • TRAINING BANDS ARE PORTABLE - Portability is the reason some people buy resistance bands for exercise. When you're going on vacation and staying in a cabin with no access to a gym, resistance bands are the ideal way to get a strength workout. Just toss the bands in your suitcase and you have a portable gym and one that's easy to carry around. All you need is a small space and some bands to get an effective workout. You have to love the fact that resistance bands weigh so little, yet provide enough resistance to sculpt your muscles and boost their strength! Who wants to lug around sets of dumbbells? Heck, you can even work with resistance bands at the office!