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Pre-Order My New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs and Downloads

Estimated to ship late in July, 2021

Our estimated shipping time for all pre-sale items is late July 2021. Because of the pandemic, shortages of materials needed to make our fitness products and DVDs as well as shipping problems can cause delays. Hopefully, your Boss pre-sale order will be ready before the end of July, but it could take longer. We will keep you updated on our website and our social media platforms as we know more.

About My New Low Impact Boss Bands & Loops Workouts

Boss Bands: Total Body Format

After a solid "working" warmup utilizing your light resistance Boss Band, we'll move through multiple compound strength segments that will challenge each muscle group with various resistance changes. We'll conclude with unique core-specific exercises followed by a well-earned cool-down/stretch. Estimated total workout time is 57 minutesTime to put down your weights and grab your Boss Bands! This Cathe Friedrich low impact total body workout is a whole new challenge for your muscles and your mind! We all know that weights are great and they will always be a staple in our fitness lifestyle, but a well-rounded strength and endurance routine requires us to mix things up to challenge our muscles in different ways. The new Cathe fabric Boss Bands will call on your muscles to perform in new ways from head to toe through a variety of compound movements and resistance variations. Great for at home or on the go, these Boss Bands will add a whole new dimension to your fitness routine!

Boss Loops: Glutes & Core Format

After a thorough lower body warmup we'll move into a segment of standing lower body strength work that will include some intense cardio pushes. This will be followed by glute-focused floor work exercises as well as challenging core work before moving into a relaxing cool-down/stretch. Estimated total workout time is 51 minutes.
Are you ready to up your glutes game?! This intense low impact workout using Cathe's new fabric Boss Loops will attack those legs, glutes, and core from all angles with challenging standing and floor work exercises and some sweaty cardio pushes sprinkled in! Boss Loops are also great to grab on the go when you want a solid lower body workout while traveling. Don't underestimate the power of this fabric resistance! Your lower body and core will surely be talking to you when you're done!

About My New Boss Bands & Boss Loops

Boss Bands

Cathe's fabric Boss Bands are made from the highest quality premium elastic fabric. Cathe Boss Bands come in three different resistances (you can also double-up on your Boss for greater resistance):

  • Light: Orange
  • Medium: Green
  • Heavy: Blue

Boss Loops

Cathe's fabric Boss Loops are made from the highest quality premium elastic fabric and are designed to work, shape, and tone all of your glute muscles. Our glute bands are made from a special elastic material that will not pinch your skin or roll up during almost any exercise you do.
We've even made these glute bands from extra durable fabric, so you don't have to worry about your glute bands ever breaking.
Cathe Boss Loops come in three different resistances (you can also double-up on your Boss for greater resistance):
  • Light: Orange
  • Medium: Green
  • Heavy: Blue

Pre-Order Today and Save!*

Pre-Order Cathe Friedrich's Newest Workouts and Boss Bands & Loops

Whether you prefer to watch your Cathe workouts using our DVDs, digital downloads, or via our Cathe OnDemand streaming service we have a pre-sale special that is a perfect match for you!

9 Ways to Order

We offer 9 different ways to pre-order Cathe's Boss Bands, loops, DVDs, and downloads. See the products below to select the best option for you. *Prices don't include shipping and handling. Prices are for a limited time only and subject to change without notice.

Our Best Buys!

We offer numerous options to purchase our Boss Bands, Loops and workouts, however, our best pre-sale prices are offered on the options in the first row below. If you order any of the choices in the first row that have the "Best Buy" logo your bands and loops will come packed inside separate mesh bags that are placed inside a FREE clear vinyl Cathe travel bag (makes a great travel makeup bag too!). *The FREE Cathe vinyl travel bag is only offered on the items marked with the "Best Buy" badge.

Order Additional DVDs and Exercise Products With Your Pre-Sale Order

USA Customers: If you order any of our other in-stock DVDs and fitness products with your pre-order, we will ship your current in-stock items now. We will ship your pre-sale order when it is available (*estimate shipping date for pre-sale items is late July)
International Customers: If you order any of our other in-stock DVDs and fitness products with your pre-order, we will ship your in-stock items you ordered along with your pre-sale DVDs when they are both available (*estimate shipping date is late July)

Use Our Discount Coupons On Any of Our Current DVDs With Your Pre-Order

You can't use our discount coupons on Pre-Sale items, but you can use them on any current DVDs or fitness products you also order with your pre-order.

FREE Online User's Guide

An online Cathe Boss user's guide with several rotations and complete workout instructions will be available to download as a PDF or viewed on your computer. Rotations will also include our QuickSelect for OnDemand users which will automatically and instantly launch your OnDemand videos.

Still Have Questions? Visit our Boss Bands and Loops FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about our pre-sale and Cathe's new DVDs.

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