Cathe dot Com

Our Fitness video business was founded in 1988 and back then was known as Step N Videos. Today Cathe dot Com is one of the best known online fitness DVD and video sites on the web with the sole purpose of giving our customers a health club quality workout in the privacy of their own homes.

Though we originally were know for producing advanced step exercise videos, we have grown and diversified through the years and now make all types of workout exercise videos and DVDs for all fitness levels. Our video library contains one of the largest independent fitness collections on the market today with over 300 workout DVDs available.

As you might guess from the name of our site, all of our workouts star Cathe Friedrich. Cathe is an ACE certified instructor. She has been teaching aerobics for 28 years and has taught over 10,000 aerobic classes. In 1988, she produced her first video, Step N Motion I. The publics response to the video was so overwhelming that, in 1989, Cathe immediately went back to the studio to produce Step N Motion II and III . With the success of her first three videos, Cathe became well known in the video exercise world as the creator of the Power Stepping fitness trend.

Cathe is a pioneer of the home exercise video industry. Her videos are geared towards advanced fitness enthusiast and she is a mentor to aerobic instructors worldwide. Cathe is continually praised for her unique style, choreography and her dynamic power moves and is noted as one of the best video aerobic instructors to date.

At the age of 53, Cathe remains very enthusiastic about her future in the video exercise industry. She continually focuses her time and energy on designing innovative, challenging and fun workouts and writes fitness articles for many health and fitness print and web based magazines.

In addition, Cathe's website is another great achievement for both Cathe as well as her loyal fans. With a totally a interactive website, featuring the Ask Cathe, Video Questions, Open Discussion and FitMom's Forums, Cathe keeps in close contact with her strong following of exercise friends. Her website also offers a variety of areas to visit including a section on health and fitness suggestions, information on past and present Step N Motion Videos, a place to order her videos and a video section to view all of her videos before you buy. Started over 18 years ago, Cathe dot Com currently averages well over 8 million hits per month

Over the past 28 years, Cathe's award winning aerobic workouts have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Shape, Oxygen, Self, Health, Fit, Consumer Digest and Fitness magazines and aired nationally on Discovery's Health Channel on Discovery's