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The Ultimate Weekly Workout Program

4 Cardio + 4 Strength Workouts

4 Day Split is designed to be the ultimate cardio and strength weekly workout program that fits your busy lifestyle. It consists of four approximately 60 minute workouts. Each workout has a separate cardio segment followed by an intense heavy weight training routine. We use the push pull training approach since time is of the essence and we want to effectively maximize your time as with little to no rest between exercises. The 4 Day Split series comes in one DVD case with two discs for maximum premix value.

Video Previews

    4 Day Split: Higher Intensity Step
    4 Day Split: Lower Intensity Step
    4 Day Split: Boot Camp
    4 Day Split: Kickbox

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cathe 4 Day Split Series DVD
4 Day Split DVD Series
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Level: Advanced - 8 Workouts (4 Cardio + 4 Strength Workouts)