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Cathe's Ultimate Weekly 4 Day Split Workout DVD Program

4 Cardio + 4 Strength Workouts

Cathe's 4 Day Split workout series is designed to be the ultimate cardio and strength weekly workout program that fits your busy lifestyle. It consists of four approximately 60-minute workouts. Each workout has a separate cardio segment followed by an intense heavy weight training routine. We use the push-pull training approach since time is of the essence and we want to effectively maximize your time as with little to no rest between exercises. The 4 Day Split series comes in one DVD case with two workout DVD discs for maximum premix value.

Cathe 4 Day Split Workout Video Previews

    4 Day Split: Higher Intensity Step
    4 Day Split: Lower Intensity Step
    4 Day Split: Boot Camp
    4 Day Split: Kickbox

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cathe 4 Day Split Series DVD
4 Day Split DVD Series
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Level: Advanced - 8 Workouts (4 Cardio + 4 Strength Workouts)