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4 Workouts on 4 DVDs

These four new routines are not part of a "series", but instead are stand-alone workouts to add to your current fitness routine. Choose one or two that work best for you or simply choose them all! No matter what, you're sure to get super sweaty, super fit, and see some amazing results!

So, let's talk details! This round of filming included two intense cardio routines and two challenging weight routines, and I can't wait to tell you all about them!

Let me tell you more about the workouts!

Total Body Barbell

Get ready to grab your barbell and get right to work! In this challenging and solid weight routine for women and men, you'll use your barbell for each exercise to challenge your muscles from head to toe. A mix of isolation exercises, compound exercises, and a play on reps and tempo will keep your muscles guessing. You'll start with lower body and work your way through all the different muscle groups, finishing with core on the floor. A few bonus exercises have been included for days when you want to hit the legs and glutes for an extra round before calling it a day!

Killer Legs

Who doesn't love leg day?! The title says it all for this tough, lower body focused home workout! In this routine, you'll use moderate to heavy dumbbells to target the legs and glutes with a variety of fun and effective exercises. Various tempo changes will help to turn up the heat as we burn up that bottom line. To add a bit of extra sizzle, a fiery barre bonus has been included with this workout. You'll use your STS Bars, mini ball, and firewalker loop for this barre bonus, and I promise, you'll remember it the next day! A chair can be substituted if you don't have STS Bars.

Gloved Up & Sweaty

Get ready for action in this nonstop, revved-up kickboxing workout! You'll kick, punch, and jump (if you want to) with a mix of fierce and familiar movements that have been stirred up and supercharged so you can just get in and go! Boxing gloves are used in this workout to add intensity to every punch and although recommended they are not required. An energy-packed jump rope bonus has been included to take your cardio workout to the next level. This jump rope bonus can also be used as a stand-alone mini-cardio routine! Although we will use actual jump ropes in this bonus workout, you can modify without one if you choose.

Cycle Power

Strap or snap in and let's go for a ride! This low-impact, indoor cycle workout is jam-packed with climbs, sprints, jumps, and flats in both seated and standing positions. A fun new soundtrack will help to keep you motivated as you pedal and sweat your way to the finish line. I can't promise the path will be easy, but it will be worth it!

FREE Online User's Guide

An online user's guide with several rotations and complete workout instructions is available to download as a PDF or viewed on your computer.

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