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Cathe's Shock Cardio Workout DVD Series
The Shock Cardio Series DVDs features 11 different intense fat-blasting cardio workout routines on 8 exercise DVDs shown below that have also been designed by Cathe to be very time efficient to fit your busy schedule: HiiT workouts, Athletic Step, Step Moves, MMA Fusion, MMA Kickbox, MMA Boxing, Circuit Blast, Cardio Core Circuit.
All 11 Shock cardio workouts have been designed to be used with Cathe's STS strength workouts or as individual standalone cardio workouts. In keeping with the philosophy of always shocking your system, Shock Cardio offers a wide variety of different workout types, lengths, and intensities. All of the workouts in this series are under 55 minutes and several are only around 30 minutes in length.

The 11 Shock Cardio workouts are divided into 4 main categories:
  • Circuit
  • MMA
  • Step
  • HiiT

When combined with the STS strength training workouts and online tools, you have the most advanced comprehensive home fitness training system on the market today that will not only help to make fitness a lifestyle but will you give you the results you've been looking for. It is part of the best cardio workout DVD collection available.
Shock Cardio is a strategy that has always been promoted by Cathe as the best way to avoid plateaus, overuse injuries, and mental fatigue. It is without a doubt the best cardio exercise DVDs you'll find. Throughout her 40-year fitness career, Cathe has found that continually shocking your body with different types of cardio workouts that vary in style, intensity, and duration will produce the best results over the long term because your body will constantly be challenged in new and different ways.
Just as the strength workouts in STS utilize the principle of Muscle Confusion, Shock Cardio is used to mix up your cardio workouts to improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. This will also help to maximize your calories burned and fat loss.
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Cathe Shock Cardio Workout Video Previews

    Shock Cardio: Athletic Step
    Shock Cardio: Cardio Core Circuit
    Shock Cardio: Circuit Blast
    Shock Cardio: HiiT
    Shock Cardio: MMA Boxing
    Shock Cardio: MMA Fusion
    Shock Cardio: MMA Kickbox
    Shock Cardio: Step Moves
    Shock Cardio: Travel Fit

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Travel Fit HiiT Athletic Step
Travel Fit DVD
Our Price:
Athletic Step DVD
Our Price:
Low impact - Only requires as stretch band. 3 short high intensity interval training workouts on one DVD Easy to learn and fun to do
Step Moves Circuit Blast MMA Boxing
Step Moves DVD
Our Price:
Circuit Blast DVD
Our Price:
MMA Boxing DVD
Our Price:
You’ll enjoy mambo's, cha cha's, pivots, and lots of rhythmic patterns, A fast paced circuit challenge Includes a A bonus Heavy Bag workout
MMA Kickbox MMA Fusion STS Shock Cardio Discount Bundle + Travel Fit DVD
MMA Kickbox DVD
Our Price:
MMA Fusion DVD
Our Price:
kick and punch your way to an unbelievable level of fitness kick, grab, strike, and thrust your way to an unbelievable level of fitness Level: Advanced

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