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STS Shock Cardio Discount Bundle + Travel Fit DVDs
STS Shock Cardio Discount Bundle + Travel Fit DVD

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Shock Cardio Workout Series Description

STS Shock Cardio workout DVDs features 11 different intense fat blasting cardio exercise routines that have also been designed by Cathe to be very time efficient to fit your busy schedule.

All 11 Shock cardio workouts have been designed to be used with Cathe's STS strength workouts or as individual standalone cardio workouts. In keeping with the philosophy of always "shocking" your system, Shock Cardio offers a wide variety of different workout types, lengths, and intensities. All of the workouts in this series are under 55 minutes and several are only around 30 minutes in length.

The 11 Shock Cardio workouts are divided into 4 main categories: HiiT, MMA, Step and Circuit. When combined with the STS strength workouts and online tools, you have the most advanced comprehensive home fitness training system on the market today that will not only help to make fitness a lifestyle, but will you give you the results you've been looking for.

Shock Cardio is a strategy that has always been promoted by Cathe as the best way to avoid plateaus, overuse injuries, and mental fatigue. Throughout her 26-year fitness career, Cathe has found that continually shocking your body with different types of cardio workouts that vary in style, intensity, and duration will produce the best results over the long term because your body will constantly be challenged in new and different ways.

Just as the strength workouts in STS utilize the principle of Muscle Confusion, Shock Cardio is used to mix up your cardio workouts to improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. This will also help to maximize your calories burned and fat loss.

About the STS Shock Cardio Workouts

Shock Cardio HiiT - High Intensity Interval Training

HiiT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is hands down one of the best ways to burn fat without causing your body to catabolize your own muscle tissue.

HiiT features three different high-intensity routines that are all right around 30 minutes or less making these workouts perfect for you to use on days where you're short on time.

The first HiiT workout is 30/30, and as the title suggests, each interval is divided into 30-second high energy, plyo reps, followed by an equal 30-second rest for a total of 16 tough intervals.

The 2nd HiiT workout is 40/20 and you'll be doing 16 intervals. Each interval will be divided into 40-second high energy, plyo reps, followed by a 20-second rest. Three additional one-minute breaks will be spread throughout the program.

The 3rd HiiT workout is Double Wave Pyramid. In this workout you"ll do two rounds of intervals separated by only a one minute rest. In each round, you'll follow a pyramid cycle of nine intervals, in which you'll start your first set with a 20-second interval, and work your way up to the top of the pyramid, increasing each interval by five seconds as you go. Then you'll work your way back down the pyramid decreasing each interval by five seconds.

Shock Cardio MMA Mixed Martial Arts

MMA Boxing Workout DVD

MMA Boxing workout DVD is a 49-minute cardio boxing program with a touch of MMA thrown in to give your workout a new twist. While any fighter would definitely be challenged from this intense and thorough program, this workout focuses on getting the fitness enthusiast in the best shape possible "outside of the ring".

In this workout, you'll do a warm-up followed by a series of boxing combinations. After each combination, you'll do sports-specific boxing drills to increase your stamina and improve your speed and coordination.

MMA Boxing concludes with core conditioning drills and a stretch. A bonus heavy Bag workout (20 mins) is also featured in this program for those of you who have this piece of equipment.

Boxing is by far one of the most intense total body conditioning workouts out there. It is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, your muscles moving and those calories burning!

MMA Kickbox Workout DVD

MMA Kickbox is a 53-minute high-intensity workout that will blast fat, build stamina, increase flexibility and muscle endurance.

After a warm-up, you'll do three punching and kicking combinations, followed by a sports specific cardio drill to whip you into incredible shape. MMA Kickbox concludes with sports specific core drills that are new, exciting, and get the job done.

Get ready to kick and punch your way to an unbelievable level of fitness. Just as with our Boxing and Fusion programs, MMA Kickbox trains you for the love of fitness, not the sport of fighting.

MMA Fusion Workout DVD

MMA Fusion is a 50-minute high energy workout that fuses basic Martial Art Exercises along with various Martial Art Styles for those who are really looking to push their cardiovascular and strength endurance limits. In this workout, you'll do three MMA fusion combinations followed by a sports specific cardio drill to really deliver an intense workout. The program concludes with new and effective MMA inspired core exercises and a nice stretch.

Get ready to kick, grab, strike, and thrust your way to an unbelievable level of fitness. Just as with our boxing and kickboxing programs, MMA Fusion trains you for the love of fitness, not the sport of fighting.

Shock Cardio Step

Athletic Step Exercise DVD

Athletic Step is an advanced, all step aerobics workout that will keep you jumping and pumping with both new and energizing choreography. While there is no dancy footwork here, you will surely be challenged by scrambling new moves with some familiar moves and making them feel totally different. Be prepared to power up, straddle down, jump forward and shuffle around. There's lots of variety for everyone!

Athletic Step is easy to learn and fun to do. Coming in at just around 47 minutes, you’ll find yourself reaching for this quick pick me up often.

Step Moves Exercise DVD

Step Moves is a 44 minute advanced, all-step workout, loaded with interesting choreography. It's the perfect steady-state workout for those who like a little rhythm with their step. You’ll enjoy mambo's, cha cha's, pivots, and lots of rhythmic patterns, all scrambled up, in new and exciting ways, to keep the footwork fun, and the action-packed. Don't worry if you don't get the workout down in the first try or two, just take your time and have fun with it. This is one workout you'll be sure to keep reaching for!

Shock Cardio Circuit

Cardio Core Circuit Fitness DVD

Cardio Core Circuit, 51 minutes, is broken into five fitness rounds and is very cardio intensive. In each round, you will do three short cardio drills back to back and then repeat them (so it's six cardio bursts per round). After each of these cardio groupings, you will do intense functional core work. Other than an exercise mat, no equipment is needed for this workout.

Circuit Blast Workout DVD

Circuit Blast is a 44-minute fun and fast-paced circuit challenge. This workout consists of a series of six rounds that will surely burn fat and calories while shocking your muscles. Each round consists of four parts: a) cardio, b) cardio/legs, c) compound exercise, d) core work. We use various pieces of equipment to increase the intensity, deliver variety, and inspire you to work harder. You'll need a set of moderate hand weights, a step, resistance band, medicine ball, and most importantly, your focus.

About Travel Fit

Travel Fit Exercise DVD

Travel Fit is a 51-minute low impact cardio and total body stretch band workout designed to keep you fit anytime you are on the road or just wanting to enjoy a workout that doesn't require a lot of equipment.

If you think this workout is easy, think again. The only easy thing about Travel Fit is the fact that you only need a resistance band to do it. This workout incorporates challenging and effective isolation exercises, along with compound exercises, and brief cardio bursts, to maximize your muscle toning and fat burning benefits. Travel Fit is a total body conditioning workout and even includes Abs. You'll love how much you get accomplished in just 51 minutes. Its fast, its fun and it works!

Video Previews

    Shock Cardio: Athletic Step
    Shock Cardio: Cardio Core Circuit
    Shock Cardio: Circuit Blast
    Shock Cardio: HiiT 30/30
    Shock Cardio: HiiT 40/20
    Shock Cardio: HiiT Pyramid
    Shock Cardio: MMA Boxing
    Shock Cardio: MMA Fusion
    Shock Cardio: MMA Kickbox
    Shock Cardio: MMA Bonus Boxing Heavy Bag
    Shock Cardio: Step Moves
    Shock Cardio: Travel Fit

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