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Cathe Friedrich DVDs Tone and Shape Your Total Body

Men and women respond to strength training in similar ways. Both men and women can increase strength and build lean body mass through the principle of progressive overload. In terms of muscle hypertrophy, men and women training in a similar manner make similar percentage gains in lean body mass although men start out with more muscle.

Why is strength training so important? Women lose muscle tissue each year after the age of 30. This process accelerates after the age of 50 as testosterone levels continue to decline in women after menopause. Growth hormone levels decline with age too. Strength training and high-intensity exercise helps boost sagging growth hormone levels. Some experts also believe women need more protein in their diet to counteract muscle loss. Strength training, protein - two things you can do to stay strong and healthy as you age.

Even women that do work out with weights, often use light ones and don't increase the weight over time, so they fail to get the full benefits that strength training offers. Strength training is vital for preserving lean body mass and bone mass. Weight lifting also improves insulin sensitivity. This is important for metabolic health and weight control.

These total body workouts have been designed by Cathe to tone, strengthen, and thoroughly work every muscle in your body. Cathe strength training videos are based on a simple concept: If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!

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