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High Step Challenge DVD (from the Hardcore series)
cathe High Step Challenge workout DVD

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Cathe Friedrich's Hardcore Series High Step Challenge DVD

This advanced cardio and strength training workout is loaded with endless energy. This workout consists of five physically demanding fitness cycles each of which includes heart-pumping, fast-paced cardio and intense weight training exercises designed to increase your muscle endurance, enhance your aerobic capacity, and put your physical stamina to the test. Get ready to huff and puff!!! Each of the five fitness cycles will begin with a cardio exercise, some on the high step and some on the floor, but all equally challenging. You'll chase the cardio in each round with multiple upper body and lower body weight and resistance band exercises designed to build and sculpt your total body and boost your metabolism. The more lean muscle you build the more calories you'll burn even at rest so be sure to choose a weight that challenges you for each exercise. You'll complete your workout with an abs segment to target and tone your midsection and strengthen your core.

Equipment Needed: high step, barbell, various dumbbells, medium tension resistance band, fitness mat

Workout Times:
  • Warm-Up - 5:00
  • Cardio/Strength Rounds - 51:00
  • Core - 7:00
  • Stretch - 6:00
  • Total - 69:00


    • Warm Up

    Cardio #1 (with Step)

    • Leg Press with Band
    • Tricep Push Ups on Step
    • Leg Press with Overhead Press
    • Dips
    • Side Push Ups

    Cardio #2 (no Step)

    • Squats with Barbell
    • Deadlift with Barbell
    • Barbell Rows 1st Set
    • Barbell Rows 2nd Set
    • Back Rows with Band
    • Push Ups

    Cardio #3 (with Step)

    • Leg Press with Band
    • Hammer Punch Lunges
    • Barbell Curls
    • Barbell Curls
    • One Arm Overhead Press with Band

    Cardio #4 (no Step)

    • Plie Squats with Dumbbell
    • Seated Lateral Raise with Dumbbell
    • External Rotation with Band
    • Seated T-Back Squeeze with Band
    • Isolation Flys

    Cardio #5 (no Step)

    • Calf Raises with Barbell
    • Decline Push Ups on Step
    • Upright Row/Overhead Press with Dumbbells
    • Rear Delt Fly with Band
    • Hover Squats with Dumbbell
    • Core/Abs

    • Stretch

    Side Note: You may feel after reading the line up that these exercises are similar to other high step workouts you have done. It is the exercise sequence and the varied equipment changes that give this workouts its unique challenge You will need a high step, an adjustable barbell, various weighted dumbbells, and a medium tension resistance band to do this workout.

    Music is by Big Beat/BK Howe and is an upbeat mix of mostly recognizeable, vocal, and instrumental music.

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      Hardcore Series: High Step Challenge

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