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Low Max DVD (from the Hardcore series)
cathe Low Max workout DVD

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Cathe Friedrich's Low Max Step DVD

Low Max is a high-intensity, low impact, step aerobics cardio DVD workout. After a thorough step warm-up you will perform 7 high-energy, low impact step choreography combinations which you will alternate with 7 low impact, high intensity blasts. This at-home exercise DVD will test your cardio endurance, while it tones and tightens your lower body through dynamic, power moves. Don't let the low impact nature of this routine fool you. You will remain low impact and joint-friendly throughout the routine, but your heart will still be pumping and you'll be working up a great sweat! This routine is performed on an 8-inch step platform to bring more intensity to the movements, but you can always choose a lower step height if 8 inches is too advanced. As you get stronger with the routine you can increase your step height to 8 inches for an additional challenge. If you're ready to burn fat and calories, and trim and tone your body all while having a low impact blast, grab your step and let's go!

Equipment Needed: step

Workout Times:
  • Warm-Up - 8:00
  • Combo/Blast Rounds - 55:00
  • Stretch - 7:00


    Step Combo #1

    You will see some mambo's, pivot turns, rock horse variations and things of this nature.

    Blast #1

    Low impact defensive squats with rhythmic changes and patterns to bring the heart rate up while shaping the thighs.

    Step Combo #2

    A more athletic/kickbox step approach with dynamic movements.

    Blast #2

    A long series of rhythmic lunge kicks that will surely elevate the heart rate a shape the legs.

    Step Combo #3

    Slightly intricate step choreography with a bit more learning curve included. This has some triple steps, step sweeps, pivots, slap claps etc.

    Blast #3

    Dynamic outer thigh movements and sculpting drills.

    Step Combo #4

    A slightly tricky combo but easy to catch on.

    Blast #4

    Slam It's and leg drills

    Step Combo #5

    A straight forward combo consisting of high leg kicks and other moves

    Blast #5

    High intensity leg drills with a few variations

    Step Combo #6

    A fun march, mambo, and shuffle combo.

    Blast #6

    Low speed skaters, hammer punch lunges and other low dynamic moves

    Step Combo #7

    A fun and unique kickbox combo that is a little tricky but worth the effort

    Blast #7

    Tap n side kicks followed by low reaching lunges.

    Cool Down & Stretch

    A two minute cooldown followed by a 6 minute stretch.

    Music by BK Howe Productions. A mix of mostly recognizable top 40, dance, and club music. Both instrumental and lyrical mixes make this upbeat and energetic soundtrack a perfect compliment to the workout.

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      Hardcore Series: Low Max

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