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Gym Style Legs DVD (from the Hardcore series)
cathe Gym Style Legs workout DVD

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Cathe Friedrich's Gym Style Legs Workout DVD

This intense at-home, lower body strength training DVD focuses on the use of compound and isolation exercises to target the legs, hips, and butt. Both traditional and non-traditional exercises will help to strengthen, shape, and firm even the most stubborn areas. This workout will use a wide variety of weight ranges and rep patterns in a controlled manner to thoroughly challenge the entire lower body. A mix of weighted exercises, resistance band exercises, and stability ball exercises keep the workout fresh and exciting as you sizzle and chisel all areas of the legs and glutes. This exercise DVD will help to build overall muscle strength and stamina while also toning and tightening the entire lower body. Building lean muscle mass will not only help to improve your overall physique, but it will also help to raise your metabolic rate to help you burn fat and burn more calories even when your muscle is at rest. This fun and effective lower body weight training routine will help to build the legs you've always wanted so grab your weights and let's get started!

Equipment Needed: high step with risers, weighted barbell, various weighted dumbbells, medium tension resistance band, stability ball

Workout Times:
  • Warmup - 4:00
  • Legs/Glutes - 57:00
  • Stretch - 7:00
  • Total - 68:00


    • Warm Up

    Standing Legs

    • Barbell Squats 1st Set
    • Barbell Squats 2nd Set
    • Barbell Squats 3rd Set Plus Bonus Reps
    • Front Lunges with Dumbbells 1st Set
    • Front Lunges with Dumbbells 2nd Set
    • Rear Lunges with Dumbbells
    • Plie Squats with Dumbbells
    • Plie Squats with Dumbbells 2nd Set
    • Leg Press with Band
    • Barbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts on High Step 1st Set
    • Barbell Deadlift 2nd Set with Toes Elevated
    • Slow Motion Lunges with Dumbbells
    • Standing Calf Raises

    Floorwork Legs

    • Tibialis Anterior Toe Pulls
    • Glute Squeezes on the Ball
    • One Legged Roll Outs on the Ball (This Goes Right Into Glute Presses)
    • Glute Presses on the Ball
    • Glute Tucks with Step and Band
    • Roll Ins on the Ball
    • Inner Thigh Squeeze on the Ball
    • Inner Thigh Lifts with Band
    • Vertical Outer Thigh Press with Band
    • Outer Thigh Raises with Band

    • Stretch

    Music Provided by Big Beat Productions

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      Hardcore Series: Gym Style Legs

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