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Core Max DVD (from the Hardcore series)
Cathe Hardcore Series:Core Max Workout DVD

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Core Max workout DVD is a 60 minute abdominal and core workout that is broken down into the following segments. Feel free to pick and choose anyone of the segments and do them 3 times per week.


Segment #1 (No Equipment) - 20 min.

  1. Super Mans
  2. Levitation Holds
  3. Hip Lifts Bent Leg
  4. Hip Lifts Straight Leg
  5. Corkscrew
  6. Opposite Elbow to Knee
  7. Reach to Outside of Knee
  8. Frog Style Crunches (Both Knees Open to Sides)
  9. Crunches With Straight Legs in Air
  10. Crunches with Knees Bent on Floor
  11. 3 Level Crunches
  12. Rope Climb Crunches
  13. Frog Style Crunches (Second Time)
  14. 3 Level Crunches (Second Time) with Pulses at the Top
  15. Ax Crunches
  16. Reverse Crunches
  17. Crunches With Arms and Legs Extended
  18. Reverse Crunch (Second Time)
  19. Straight Leg Prone Plank
  20. Hip Dip Planks

Segment #2 with Stability Ball Only - 20 min.

  1. Superman on Ball
  2. Roll Outs
  3. Roll Ins
  4. Roll Ins for Obliques (Legs Pull in on an Angle)
  5. Pikes (Jacknife) on the Ball
  6. Crunches on top of Ball
  7. Long Lever Ball Exchange
  8. Vertical Oblique Rotations With Legs Straight in Air
  9. Side to Side Chops
  10. Ax Chops for Obliques
  11. Pelvic Tilt Crunches

Segment #3 with Stability Ball and Medicine Ball - 20 min.

  1. Superman (No Equipment)
  2. Curl Up's with Medicine Ball
  3. Rocket Shoots
  4. Modified V-sit
  5. Oblique Rotations with Knees Bent in the Air with Stability Ball and Medicine Ball
  6. Side to Side Rotations
  7. Supine Wood Chops on a Diagonal
  8. Side to Side Wood Chops on Stability Ball Holding Medicine Ball
  9. Oblique Crunches with Medicine Ball on Shoulder
  10. Long Range Crunches
  11. Short Range Crunches
  12. Long Range Crunch (2nd Set)
  13. Short Range Crunch (2nd Set)
These exercise segments feature some new moves which may feel very different to you at first. Once you see the move, try the move, and get acclimated to it, you will really maximize the benefits of the workouts. As always, keep your focus, use a challenging weight wherever offered, use good form, and execute every rep to YOUR maximal effort.

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    Hardcore Series: Core Max - Workout 1
    Hardcore Series: Core Max - Workout 2
    Hardcore Series: Core Max - Workout 3

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