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Butts & Guts DVD
cathe Butts and Guts workout DVD

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Cathe Friedrich's Butts & Guts DVD

This thorough and effective leg, glutes, and abs exercise DVD includes a great mix of new exercises as well as older favorites to tighten and torch the butt, hips, thighs and core! If you're looking for a tough, booty burner workout, this advanced legs DVD is the answer! The exercises in this routine are effectively sequenced to keep the calories burning, the fat melting, and the muscles responding! This 78 minute workout will challenge the entire lower body with a mix of weight training exercises, body weight exercises, resistance band exercises and finishing with some stability ball legs for outer thigh and hamstrings, and ankle weight abs to strengthen your core. This workout is advanced and no-nonsense, but it's also non-stop fun! You can choose to do the routine in its entirety or split it up to get a great workout that still fits your schedule. No matter how you slice it, you'll be chiseling the lower body and core!

This workout dvd also includes 6 minutes of bonus leg exercise including glute squeezes, leg presses and sit n stands, a stability ball abs bonus to target and tone your midsection, and 4 additional premixes for added workout variety.

Equipment Needed: high step, light to moderate dumbbells, weighted barbell, resistance band or loop, stability ball, ankle weights

Workout Times:
  • Warm Up - 6:00
  • Standing Glute Work - 31:00
  • Floor Work - 19:30
  • Core - 14:00
  • Stretch - 8:00

  • Bonus Stability Ball Abs - 15:00
  • Bonus Lower Body - 6:00

    Breakdown of Workout:

    Lower Body:

    • Alt front lunges with the ball
    • Walking Lunges
    • Deadlifts w/ toes on handweights and a 35 pound barbell
    • One Legged Squat
    • Forward Thrusting Hammer Punch
    • Squats w/ barbell
    • Walking Lunges
    • Deadlifts
    • One legged squat
    • Side to side thrusting hammer punch
    • Freestanding lunge/squat combo
    • Squats w/ barbell
    • Firewalkers
    • Low Pulse Lunges

    Floor Work:

    • Ball: Outer thigh raises
    • Ball: Hamstring roll ins

    With Ankle Weights:

    • Glute Squeezes
    • Inner Thigh Raises
    • Hamstring/Glute/Outer thigh

  • Cathe Friedrich's Butts & Guts Exercise DVD

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