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DVDs to Tone and Shape Your Total Body

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Cathe Friedrich's Low Impact Step and  Total Body Sculpting workout video exercise dvd Fit Tower Total Body DVD cathe Muscle Max workout DVD
Fit Tower Total Body DVD
Our Price: $16.97
Muscle Max DVD
Our Price: $19.97

Level: beginner/intermediate - The perfect DVD for the person who is new to Cathe Cathe's Fit Tower Total Body DVD Level: Advanced - One Cathe's most popular total body workouts!
Cathe Body Blast Series: Supersets + Push Pull workout DVD cathe power hour + maximum intensity stregth + Body Max workout dvd Travel Fit
Supersets + Push Pull DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Travel Fit DVD
Our Price: $22.97
Deal of the Day Price: $16.97
You save $6.00!

Level: Advanced - 2 strength training workouts on 1 DVD Level: Advanced - 3 workouts on 1 DVD Low impact - Only requires as stretch band.
High Reps DVD STS Total Body DVD Total Body Tri-Sets  DVD
High Reps DVD
Our Price: $22.97

STS Total Body DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Total Body TriSets DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Includes 5 Premixes Includes 8 Premixes New! - Now in Stock!
PHA Training DVD Total Body Giant Sets and Exercise DVD STS Users' Guide
PHA Training DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Total Body Giant Sets DVD
Our Price: $22.97

STS Users' Guide
Our Price: $24.99

Includes Premixes Includes Premixes Level: Advanced
Fit Tower Downloads Only Fit Tower Advanced DVD 3 Pack Bundle cathe cross train xpress workout dvd
Fit Tower Downloads Only
Our Price: $37.97
Cross Train Xpress DVD
Regular price $59.97

Does Not Include Premixes Includes Premixes 8 workouts on 2 DVDs
cathe Intensity Series Discount Bundle - All 3 Intensity workout DVD's Cathe Body Blast Series Discount Bundle -  All 3 workout DVDs Fit Tower DVDs and Downloads Workout Bundle
Level: Advanced - 6 workouts at a special discounted price Level: Advanced - 6 workouts on 3 DVDs - Only Get Both DVDs and Downloads
Cathe Discount Bundle - Timesaver DVD + All 3 Body Blast workout DVD's DVD 5 Pack Bundle
DVD 5 Pack Bundle
Our Price: $69.97

Level: Advanced - 9 workouts on 4 DVDs - Only $7.77 per DVD Level: Advanced - 11 workouts on 4 DVDs  for only $6.36 each Includes Premixes
DVD 6 Pack Bundle cathe All 10 Hardcore workout DVDs STS - Mesocycle #1 (12 DVD set)
DVD 6 Pack Bundle
Our Price: $79.97

STS Phase 1 - 12 DVD Set
Our Price: $99.97

Includes Premixes 10 hardcore workouts - Only $9.99 each Level: Advanced - 12  workouts - The Most Advanced Workout System Available!
STS - Mesocycle #2 (12 DVD set) STS - Mesocycle #3 (12 DVD set) ICE DVDs Discount Bundle
STS Phase 2 - 12 DVD Set
Our Price: $99.97
STS Phase 3 - 12 DVD Set
Our Price: $99.97
ICE DVDs Discount Bundle
Our Price: $99.97

Level: Advanced - 12 workouts - The Most Advanced Workout System Available! Level: Advanced - 12 workouts -The Most Advanced Workout System Available! Includes Over 135 Premixes
cathe Hardcore Extreme + All 10 Hardcore workout DVDs Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Series Cathe Friedrich's STS 40 DVD Series
STS 36 DVD Discount Bundle
Our Price: $139.97
Discount Bundle - 13 fun and challenging workouts - only $8.45 each STS Quality for only $3.88 per DVD The Most Complete Workout System Available for only $3.99 per DVD!

Men and women respond to strength training in similar ways. Both men and women can increase strength and build lean body mass through the principle of progressive overload. In terms of muscle hypertrophy, men and women training in a similar manner make similar percentage gains in lean body mass although men start out with more muscle.

Why is strength training so important? Women lose muscle tissue each year after the age of 30. This process accelerates after the age of 50 as testosterone levels continue to decline in women after menopause. Growth hormone levels decline with age too. Strength training and high intensity exercise helps boost sagging growth hormone levels. Some experts also believe women need more protein in their diet to counteract muscle loss. Strength training, protein - two things you can do to stay strong and healthy as you age.

Even women that do work with weights often use light ones and don't increase the weight over time, so they fail to get the full benefits that strength training offers. Strength training is vital for preserving lean body mass and bone mass. Weight lifting also improves insulin sensitivity. This is important for metabolic health and weight control.

These total body workouts have been designed by Cathe to tone, strengthen and thoroughly work every muscle in your body. Cathe strength training videos are based on a simple concept: If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!