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Cross Train Xpress DVD
cathe cross train xpress workout dvd

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6 workouts on 2 disc
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Cathe Friedrich's Cross-Train Xpress Workout DVD Series

This DVD set includes the Cross-Train Series on two DVDs. Disc #1 contains 10-10-10, Step and Intervals, All Step and Power Circuit in their entirety. Disc #2 contains Leaner Legs and Kickbox in their entirety. We have also added two bonus sections on Disc #2, including Upper Body Split and All Abs. Upper Body Split contains all the upper body weight sections from all the videos in the following order: Back, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps. Just press the button and all these sections will play in order one after the other. Finally, All Abs contains all four ab sections from the Cross-Train Xpress workouts. You can mix and match segments from each workout to create your own routine. Auto program your DVD player to create your own workouts. With 44 chapters, the variety is almost endless.

Power Circuit DVD

This workout consists of a moving warm up followed by 28 minutes of power packed cardio. This cardio segment starts with a brief amount of low impact and high impact floor aerobics, and concludes with intense power circuit drills. These drills consist of three step circuits that incorporate leg work with a barbell, and three kickbox circuits that incorporate leg work with hand weights. After the circuits and a brief cool down period are completed, you will work your upper and lower back with exercises that use both a barbell and dumbbells. You'll also work your abdominals with crunches as well as some core strengthening exercises before you conclude with a relaxing stretch.


  • Hi/Lo Warm Up - 7 min.
  • Standing Leg Work - 30 min
  • Floor Leg Work - 18 min.
  • Abs - 7 min.
  • Stretch - 3 min.

10-10-10 DVD

10-10-10 provides you with an active warm up, a varied cardio program consisting of hi/lo, kickbox, step, a thorough tricep workout and a soothing stretch.


  • Active Warm Up - 5 min.
  • Intense Kickboxing, Hi/Lo and Step Aerobics - 25 min.
  • All Triceps Exercises - 15 min.
  • Stretch - 4 min.

All Step DVD

All Step provides you with a fast paced warm up, a high energy step routine featuring a fresh mix of classic favorites along with new challenging choreography, a complete shoulder workout, a thorough abdominal routine, and a soothing stretch.


  • Active Warm Up - 6 min.
  • Intense Step Aerobics - 22 min.
  • All Shoulder Exercises - 10 min.
  • Abs - 10 min.
  • Stretch - 5 min.

Step & Intervals DVD

This step workout provides you with a fun warm up, a step aerobic program featuring fun combinations followed by three intense step interval cycles, a complete chest workout, and a soothing stretch.


  • Active Warm Up - 9 min.
  • High Intensity Step Aerobics (Including 3 Step Intervals) - 21 min.
  • All Chest Exercises - 10 min.
  • Stretch - 5 min.

Leaner Legs DVD

Leaner Legs is an extensive lower body workout which focuses on all of the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Through the use of hi reps and medium to heavy weight, you will engage in a medley of stylized rep variations to completely challenge all areas of the lower leg. This workout concludes with abdominal exercises and a soothing stretch.


  • Stationary Warm Up - 3 min.
  • All Leg Exercises - 33 min.
  • Abs - 9 min.
  • Stretch - 4 min.

Kickbox DVD

This workout provides you with an invigorating warm up, an intense kickboxing DVD routine, a thorough bicep workout, an intense abdominal workout which also features core exercises, and a soothing stretch.


  • Active Warm Up - 9 min.
  • Kickboxing - 23 min.
  • All Biceps Exercises - 10 min.
  • Abs - 12 min.
  • Stretch - 5 min.
Cathe Friedrich's Cross Train Xpress Kickbox Exercise DVD
Cathe Friedrich's Cross Train Xpress Leaner Legs Exercise DVD
Cathe Friedrich's Cross Train Xpress Step & Intervals Exercise DVD
Cathe Friedrich's Cross Train Xpress All Step Exercise DVD

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