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cathe ab hits workout dvd Cathe Hardcore Series:Core Max Workout DVD Ab Circuits
Ab Hits Exercise DVD
Our Price: $14.97

Core Max Workout DVD
Our Price: $19.97

Ab Circuits Exercise DVD
Our Price: $22.00

Level: intermediate/advanced -12 AB/Core Workouts on 1 DVD Level: Intermediate/Advanced Level: Advanced - 7 ab/core workouts
cathe Butts and Guts workout DVD Cardio Core Circuit Fit Tower Downloads Only
Butts and Guts Exercise DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Cardio Core Circuit Exercise DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Fit Tower Downloads Only
Our Price: $37.97
Level: Advanced - super thorough, super effective, lower body solution Contains five fitness rounds Does Not Include Premixes
Fit Tower Advanced DVD 3 Pack Bundle Fit Tower DVDs and Downloads Workout Bundle DVD 5 Pack Bundle
DVD 5 Pack Bundle
Our Price: $69.97

Includes Premixes Get Both DVDs and Downloads Includes Premixes
DVD 6 Pack Bundle Ripped With HiiT DVD (Discount Multi-Pack) cathe All 10 Hardcore workout DVDs
DVD 6 Pack Bundle
Our Price: $79.97

Includes Premixes Includes all 9 RWH workouts and  74 premixes 10 hardcore workouts - Only $9.99 each
ICE DVDs Discount Bundle cathe Hardcore Extreme + All 10 Hardcore workout DVDs
ICE DVDs Only Discount Bundle
Our Price: $99.97

Includes Over 135 Premixes Discount Bundle - 13 fun and challenging workouts - only $8.45 each

DVDs To Tone and Shape Your Abs and Core

If you've been performing ab crunches night and day without achieving the six-pack of your dreams, it's time to consider a different approach and a little bit of science when it comes to the most effective ab exercises. Cathe's approach is both scientific and simple. She attacks the entire core region with exercises that work all of the muscles in the core region, including the stabilizer muscles. She has learned through years of teaching group fitness classes at her Gym in New Jersey which exercises are the most effective and she shares that knowledge on all of her ab and core workouts.