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Cathe's Low Impact Workout series

"You've never Seen Low Impact Workouts Like These!"

You want to get the most out of your workouts and you really love high intensity routines, but your joints no longer can handle the jumping and high impact exercises. Many of you have probably tried some low impact workouts, but found the intensity and fun to be lacking in most of the videos you have tried. You still have the heart and the strength for high intensity workouts and you would still do them if you could, but joint pain no longer allows you to do what you love.

Some of you may not have any joint issues now, but are looking for ways to balance your injury risk so that you dont erase your hard fought gains achieved from high impact training. There are many factors to consider when choosing between high impact and low impact exercise, but what if you could get the benefit of both in the same workout without the problems? Well, now you can with my Low Impact series which totally redefines low impact workouts.

The Low Impact series features a wide variety of 10 workouts that can each be ordered individually. Though there is no jumping in any of these workouts you will be surprised and amazed at how intense these workouts are and how they will become your newest favorite weapon to blast away fat and get you into the best shape of your life. And best of all - Your joints will thank you!

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Cathe Friedrich AfterBurn Low Impact Metabolic Cardio HIIT Workout DVD Cathe Friedrich Low Impact Athletic Training  Workout DVD Cathe Cardio SuperSets Low Impact Workout DVD
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Total Body Tri-Sets  DVD Slide & Glide DVD Cathe Friedrich low impact Turbo Barre exercise DVD
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Yoga Max  DVD Yoga Relax  DVD Cathe Friedrich Low Impact Challenge Step Aerobics DVD
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Cathe Friedrich Cycle Max low impact indoor cycling DVD
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10 Joint Friendly Cathe Workout Videos

  • AfterBurn Workout DVD

    Based on the principle of HIIT training, AfterBurn is an all out high intensity low impact HiiT workout that so many of you have been looking for. The main advantage of HiiT workouts is the increase in the bodys metabolism from this type of training continues on long after the exercise session has finished, not just during it. This effect is known as the after burn and hence the name for this fat blasting workout. Are You Ready?

  • Cardio Super Sets Fitness DVD

    A high intensity low impact workout comprised of unique cardio supersets. Just as you do super sets with weight training, Cardio Supersets follows the same plateau-busting concept. But now instead of weights, its 100% pure low impact cardio!!!! Get ready to blast off fat with this super charged calorie crushing workout.

  • Athletic Training Exercise DVD

    This total body low impact circuit takes fitness circuits to a whole new dimension. Be prepared for nonstop action using the original health club step (have extra risers on the side), a set of light and heavy dumbbells, a firewalker band and a pair of Slide and Glide discs. Depending on the exercise you'll vary your step height anywhere from 4 to 12 inches in height while you challenge your body both on and off the step in a variety of challenging ways. You'll do compound exercises along with isolation exercises, work the upper and lower body simultaneously and separately, do low impact cardio with and without discs and bands, and even throw a superset in here and there for complete exhaustion! You will think very differently about low impact when this workout is through with you!

  • Slide and Glide Workout DVD

    Hold on to your hats because we are going to Slide and Glide into action. Full speed, low impact, high intensity action, that is! Yes, indeed, this 60 minute workout simply never slows down. Each time you complete one of the workouts segments, the next segment picks up with yet another invigorating challenge. After a solid 20 minute super intense, low impact, cardio slide and glide segment, you'll do sculpting leg work that not only burns the legs but keeps the heart rate pumping too. You'll finish off with a Slide and Glide upper body and core strength challenge. And guess what? You'll do all of this with nothing but your Slide and Glide discs and a mat. Think its impossible for it to hurt so good? I invite you to join us and see for yourself!

  • Low Impact Challenge Exercise DVD

    This highly contagious ALL STEP workout will have you tapping your toes from the warm up straight through to the cool down. It features a high energy rocking soundtrack along with super fun choreography that keeps the impact low, but the fun factor and intensity WAY high!! Oh and did I forget to mention that this joint friendly workout burns major calories and body fat too? What more could you ask for?

  • Turbo Barre Fitness DVD

    If you dont already own my Turbo Tower, feel free to use a chair to participate in my invigorating Turbo Barre workout. This results oriented low impact workout focuses on strength, flexibility, and high energy fun. Expect to combine elements of pilates, yoga, ballet, drizzled with some light cardio work for the ultimate lean and long total body strengthening workout. Light hand weights, a Turbo Barre (or chair), a Firewalker Band, Slide and Glide discs and a 6 foot long resistance band are used to help you burn fat, calories and lose inches.

  • Total Body Tri-Sets Workout DVD

    This total body strength workout will focus on exhausting all the major muscle groups through the use of weighted trisets. A mixture of compound and isolation exercises will be uniquely grouped to set your muscles on fire. Expect to work at 60 to 80 percent of your one rep max range which will definitely inspire a cardiovascular bonus. In other words you will huff and puff while you shave your body fat down! Deal? I thought so!

  • Yoga Max/Yoga Relax Exercise DVD

    Whether you like your Yoga workouts intense, relaxing or both ways, this DVD lets you have it your way . As you might have guessed from the titles, Yoga Max provides a more invigorating workout that will take you deeper into stretching postures as well as strength poses that seamlessly flow from one move to the next creating a graceful cardio strength challenge. Yoga Relax, on the other hand is for the yoga lover who seeks a soothing workout which focuses on gaining flexibility, refreshing the body, and calming the mind. The relaxing music will help melt away stress and relieve the tightness in the hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and more. So grab your mat and get Maxd or get Relaxed!

  • Cycle Max Workout DVD

    Are you ready for the ride of your life? Well let me take you there with a rocking soundtrack and a calorie blasting indoor cycle workout. Consider yourself the rock star of your living room as you burn countless calories, shape and define your legs and glutes and become one sweaty mess. This is the ultimate Zero impact fat burning indoor cycle workout and once completed, you'll wring out your shirt to prove it!