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When you want a workout that's relatively short, challenging and effective, whats your best option? HiiT training, of course. These nine Ripped with HiiT (TM) videos have been designed by me to produce the maximum amount of results in as short of a time as I feel possible. With growing evidence that exercise intensity is more important than duration, high-intensity interval training is a no-brainer. Plus, its time efficient, perfect for those days when you have minimal time to work out.

Ripped with HiiT DVDs can be purchased separately or as a 7 DVD discount bundle (all DVDs in one case) that can be ordered now for only $99 - that's only $11 per workout.

This series is truly the best of both worlds. Heavy Weights and HiiT Training...the ultimate combo to get ripped and lean!

Our workout DVDs are known for their outstanding chapter menus and/or workout premixes that give you more control and workout options than other exercise DVDs. All Ripped with HiiTTM DVDs contain numerous premixes (The Ripped With HiiT Workout DVD series contains a total of 74 premixed workouts) and you can select almost every exercise from the DVDs chapter menus.

If you want to watch all 9 of the video clips from the Ripped with HiiT workout series or see a list of "Premixes" for each workout you will need to click on the individual exercise DVDs below, not the discount bundle.

Our online Free Ripped With HiiT User's Guide will show you how to use your Ripped With HiiT workout videos and comes with six different workout programs you can follow. You can view and download the Free Ripped With HiiT User's Guide at: Ripped With Hiit User's Guide.

Cathe's Ripped With HiiT User's Guide

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Ripped With HiiT DVD (Discount Multi-Pack) Low Impact HiiT DVD Plyo HiiT Workout DVD
Low Impact HiiT DVD
Our Price:
Plyo HiiT DVD
Our Price:
Includes all 9 RWH workouts and  74 premixes Includes 14 premixes Includes 14 premixes
HiiT Circuit Upper Body Workout DVD HiiT Circuit Lower Body Workout DVD Lift it HiiT it Lower Body (featuring contrast training)
Lift It HiiT It Legs DVD
Our Price:
Includes 8 premixes Includes 8 premixes Includes 8 premixes
Lift it Hit it Chest, Tris,Shoulders DVD Lift it Hit it Back, Biceps, Shoulders
Includes 11 Premixes
Includes 11 premixes