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Lift It Hit It Chest, Triceps & Shoulders DVD (from the Ripped with HiiT Series)
Cathe Friedrich Lift it Hit it Upper Body Chest, Triceps, Shoulders DVD

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Cathe Friedrich's Ripped with HiiT- Lift It Hit It Chest, Triceps & Shoulders workout DVD

This intense upper body strength training exercise DVD will focus on strengthening and shaping your chest, triceps, and shoulders by exhausting each muscle group before moving onto the next. Most of the exercises in this workout will consist of three heavy sets with a goal of 12 or fewer reps per set. After the third set, you'll 'hit it' with an intense finisher set to really fire up and finish off those muscles! You'll be using heavy weights in this workout and should be working to muscle failure on at least some of the sets for each muscle group. To get the most out of this at-home strength training workout you should always choose a weight that challenges you for the amount of sets/reps that you'll be doing. As you get stronger you can increase your weight selections for a greater challenge.

This DVD includes 2 bonus core segments to help strengthen and tone your midsection. Also included are 11 premixes to give you additional workout length options and even more workout variety.

Equipment Needed:
  • Main Routine: barbell, various weighted dumbbells, step or weight bench
  • Bonus Abs One: fitness mat, one light or moderate dumbbell
  • Bonus Abs Two: fitness mat

    Workout Times:
  • Warm-Up - 2:36
  • Workout - 34:57
  • Stretch - 1:57
  • Total - 39:30

  • Bonus Abs One - 10:00
  • Bonus Abs Two - 12:00

    Cathe Lift it Hit it Chest, Triceps & Shoulder DVD Video Preview

      Cathe Ripped with HiiT - Lift It Hit It Chest, Triceps & Shoulders Upper Body DVD