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Plyo HiiT DVD (from the Ripped with HiiT Series)
Cathe Friedrich Plyo HiiT workout and high intensity DVD

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Cathe Friedrich's Ripped with HiiT Plyo HiiT workout DVD

Are you ready for take-off? Cathe's Plyo HiiT exercise DVD includes two supercharged, high intensity workouts that are sure to burn tons of calories in a short amount of time! High Intensity Interval Training is an excellent edition to a weight-loss or fitness regimen as it raises your metabolic rate to keep fat and calories burning long after your workout has ended! Your body will continue to burn fat and calories even at rest! This at-home plyometric cardio workout will help you transform your body without requiring a huge time commitment!

In Plyo HiiT One intense exercises are followed by very short rests. You'll keep your muscles engaged and guessing with each new exercise. You don't need any equipment for this routine so just hop in and get busy! Plyo HiiT Two utilizes these same principles of high intensity intervals with short rest periods, but takes the workout up onto a step. So get ready to take things up a notch (6-8 inches to be exact) in Plyo HiiT Two with power-packed, high intensity 'step' intervals that are sure to keep your heart pumping! Dumbbells will also be used in this routine to add additional challenge and intensity. Both of these workouts come in under 30 minutes each, making them a perfect time-effective choice when you want to get in, get it done and get amazing results!

This exercise DVD includes additional premixes to give you more workout length options and additional workout variety!

Equipment Needed:
  • Plyo HiiT One: none
  • Plyo HiiT Two: step with two risers per side, dumbbell
  • Bonus Abs: fitness mat, one light or moderate dumbbell

    Workout Times:

    Plyo HiiT One
  • Warm-Up - 5:18
  • Workout - 17:54
  • Stretch - 4:04
  • Total - 27:16

    Plyo HiiT Two
  • Warm-Up - 4:36
  • Workout - 19:03
  • Stretch - 3:23
  • Total - 27:02

  • Bonus Abs One - 10:00
  • Bonus Abs Two - 12:00

    Cathe Plyo HIIT DVD Video Previews

      Cathe Friedrich Ripped with HiiT - Plyo HiiT One Workout DVD
      Cathe Friedrich Ripped with HiiT - Plyo HiiT Two Workout DVD

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