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This DVD set includes the Cross-Training Series (volumes 1 through 6) on two DVD discs. Disc #1 contains 10-10-10, Step and Intervals, All Step and Power Circuit in their entirety. Disc #2 contains Leaner Legs and Kickbox in their entirety. We have also added two bonus sections on Disc #2, including Upper Body Split and All Abs. Upper Body Split contains all the upper body weight sections from all the videos in the following order: Back, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps. Just press the button and all these sections will play in order one after the other. Finally, All abs contains all 4 ab sections from the CTX workouts. You can mix and match segments from each workout to create your own routine. Auto program your DVD player to create your own workouts. With 44 chapters the variety is almost endless.
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cathe cross train xpress workout dvd Cross Train Xpress DVD

8 workouts on 2 DVDs

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