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XTrain Tabatacise DVD
Cathe Friedrich's Xtrain Tabatacise Tabata HiiT Workout DVD

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Cathe Friedrich's XTrain Tabatacise Workout DVD

What if you could get into fantastic shape by doing as little as 4 minutes of exercise? Sound too good to be true? Not when it comes to Tabata training. Tabata is a short, super intense type of cardio endurance training that improves aerobic capacity, as well as the ability to burn fat long after a workout is done! Tabata generally consists of eight 20-second intervals followed by 10-second rests. This may sound easy, but it's most definitely not! Tabata will have you sweating and burning in mere minutes! Cathe created Tabatacise to reflect this type of Tabata training. This at-home exercise DVD consists of 5 different four-minute Tabata workouts. Each of the 5 Tabatas is followed by a step recovery blast. Since your maximum heart rate will often exceed 90%, the recovery blasts are inserted to help bring your heart rate down in a controlled manner. But beware, there is a tiny blast hidden in those recovery periods. Because Tabatacise is so tough, we suggest you do it in levels. With each new level you attempt, you'll add one additional Tabata to your routine, working up to doing a total of 5 Tabatas.

This workout includes 2 bonus core segments, a bonus burn sets back strength training workout, and a 100 rep challenge for both biceps and triceps. Also included are 18 additional premixes for more workout variety.

Equipment Needed:
  • Main Workout: step with 2 risers per side
  • Bonuses: step with risers (or weight bench), dumbbells, resistance loop, medium resistance tubing

    Workout Times:
  • Warm Up - 7:36
  • Tabata One - 6:14
  • Tabata Two - 6:14
  • Tabata Three - 6:47
  • Tabata Four - 6:34
  • Tabata Five - 6:28
  • Cool Down/Stretch - 4:48
  • Total - 44:42

  • Bonus Core 1 - 10:26
  • Bonus Core 2 - 12:30
  • Bonus Burn Set Back - 13:13
  • 100 Rep Challenge Flat Bench Tricep Extensions - 7:15
  • 100 Rep Challenge Bicep Curls - 6:50

    Cathe Tabatacise Workout DVD Video Preview

      Cathe Friedrich XTrain 09 Tabatacise DVD - 5 Short HIIT Tabata Workouts

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