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XTrain Burn Sets DVD
Cathe Friedrich's Xtrain Burn Sets Upper Body Workout DVD

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Cathe Friedrich's XTrain Burn Sets Exercise Workout DVD

This complete upper body strength training workout consists of two traditional upper body, heavy weight workouts: Chest, Back & Shoulders, and Bi's & Tri's. This at-home exercise DVD also contains options for working individual muscle groups if you want a specific muscle focus or need a shorter workout. In Burn Sets you'll work each muscle group in its entirety before moving on to the next. You'll do three sets for most exercises with a goal of around 10 reps for your first and second sets. On your third set, you'll always lift to failure. After your third set, you'll do a Burn Set finisher to really feel the muscles heat up. You'll need to use heavy weights in this XTrain workout for it to be most effective. If your selected weight is too heavy or too light during your first or second set simply grab a more appropriate weight for any remaining sets, making sure that you lift to failure on your third set. Lifting to failure is perhaps the most important requirement for developing strong and toned muscles. If you're ready to build the arms that you've always wanted, this DVD will help you see amazing results!

This DVD also includes a bonus core segment to target and tone your midsection, as well as 15 additional premixes with various time options and more workout variety.

Equipment Needed: dumbbells, step with risers (or weight bench), resistance loop, medium resistance tubing

Workout Times:

Chest/Back & Shoulders
  • Warm Up - 4:27
  • Chest - 14:09
  • Back - 13:12
  • Shoulders - 14:18
  • Stretch - 4:37
  • Total - 50:43

    Bi's & Tri's
  • Warm Up - 4:27
  • Biceps - 14:15
  • Triceps - 13:56
  • Stretch - 4:37
  • Total - 37:15

    Bonus Workouts:
  • Bonus Core 1 - 10:26

    Cathe Friedrich's XTrain Burn Sets Video Preview

      Cathe Friedrich XTrain 03 - Burn Sets Upper Body Workout DVD

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