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Cardio Hits DVD
Cathe cardio hits workout DVD

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3 Workouts on 1 DVD Power Max, Step Fit and Step Works

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Description Equipment Needed
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This DVD Contains Three of Cathe's Favorite Step Videos:

This cardio step workout DVD Includes three Cathe step aerobics workouts: Power Max, Step Fit, and Step Works. Each of these routines is packed with high-energy step choreography that will challenge your cardio endurance and your physical stamina. The only equipment you'll need is your step! Get ready to get sweaty with these non-stop, heart-happy step workouts!

PowerMax: This cardio step workout DVD is an advanced 64-minute killer aerobic step workout packed with tons of choreography including some intense power moves. Some of the featured moves in this video include the drop squat, the 360, and the pendulum. You'll complete the routine with a latin style cool-down.

Step Fit: This 71-minute step aerobics workout DVD is guaranteed to kick your heart rate into high gear and to make you sweat like never before. If you are looking for fun and challenging step aerobics choreography, you will love this video. Some of the featured moves in this step aerobics DVD include: Flying Angels, Power Scissors, and Cathe's own version of a Macarena step mix in the cool-down.

Step Works: This advanced 62-minute step workout is made up of three segments. Segment one moves quickly with a medley of familiar moves rearranged in new patterns to give them a refreshing twist. Segments two and three both contain cutting-edge choreography. Each of these segments features a more complex combination followed by a basic power combination to keep both the interest level and the heart rate elevated. The step cool-down is more dance/funk-oriented.

Equipment Needed: Step with risers

Cathe Cardio Hits Step Aerobics DVD Video Previews

    Cathe Cardio Hits Step Works
    Cathe Cardio Hits Step Fit
    Cathe Cardio Hits Power Max