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Classics Volume 1 DVD
cathe the classics volume 1 workout dvd

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3 workouts on 1 disc
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Cathe Friedrich's Classics Volume 1 DVD Contains Three Step Aerobic Workouts:

This Cathe Friedrich step aerobics DVD contains three "classic" Cathe cardio workouts. As with many of our DVDs, you can easily program your DVD player to choose only the sections of each workout that you want to do. You can even mix one section from one workout with another to give these older workouts an entirely fresh new look and feel.

Step Jam

This step aerobics workout is designed to challenge you with innovative choreography. You will appreciate Cathe's crystal clear cueing as she makes even the most complicated moves seem easy. This is one of our best-selling and liked videos and is a must-have for anyone who loves advanced step videos. The energetic "tribal beat" and "techno country" music are sure to make this one of your favorite videos. Some unique moves include the "up jack," "rock down," "jump jump," "rear lunge repeater," "two-hop curls," "hop curl to the rear," and the "knee up straddle."


  • Warm Up - 8 min.
  • Step Aerobics - 47 min.
  • Cool Down - 5 min.

Step Heat

This is one of Cathe's most popular step aerobic workouts for people who are new Cathe users. This video is also shorter than Cathe's typical video and features two advanced step segments. The first one is intense and straightforward. The second one involves more intricate choreography. Both sections will challenge even the most experienced stepper! Repeaters, hops, side steps, turns, T-steps, lunges, straddles...all blended into innovative combinations. The workout concludes with an intense 7-minute abdominal section.

The soundtrack is a refreshing instrumental remix of classic 70's & 80's rock music. You'll hear favorites such as "Legs," "Addicted To Love," "Show Me the Way," and "Rock 'n' Roll."


  • Warm Up - 7 min.
  • Step Aerobics - 35 min.
  • Cool Down - 7 min.
  • Abs - 7min.
  • Stretch - 3 min.

Step Max

Step Max is an advanced 60-minute step aerobics workout that delivers the cardiovascular intensity you're looking for. The upbeat warm-up is full of variety and prepares you for three challenging step sections that get progressively more intense as the workout continues. The first section is more straightforward and linear using base moves that focus on intensity instead of complexity. The second section introduces fun and easy to learn combinations. It keeps the intensity going through the use of power moves and a full range of motion. Finally, our third section, Plyo Power, gives you the ultimate challenge. It's loaded with propulsion, plyometric and power moves. It mixes this high intensity with quick and easy recovery movements.

Get ready to sweat! You'll love the funky cooldown. It's unique and feels so good after you've worked so hard.


  • Warm Up - 9 min.
  • Step Aerobics - 40 min.
  • Step/Cool Down - 7 min.

Cathe Classics Step Aerobics DVD Video Previews

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