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Rhythmic Step + Interval Max + Maximum Intensity Cardio DVD
cathe Rhythmic Step + Interval Max +Maximum Intensity workout DVD

3 workouts on 1 DVD
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This DVD contains three cardio workouts, including Cathe's Rhythmic Step, Interval Max and Maximum Intensity Cardio on one DVD. As with all of our DVDs, you can easily program your DVD player to choose only the sections of each workout that you want to do. You can even mix one section from one workout with another.

Rhythmic Step

This refreshingly advanced, all-step workout, is loaded with interesting and unique choreography that will keep you motivated from start to finish. You'll begin the workout with a very thorough warm up. It contains a mini combination, plus a series of dynamic movements to elevate the heart rate and prepare the muscles for the vigorous workout ahead. The warm up concludes with active stretching. Next you will start with your first combination, which is a refreshing blend of power and rhythmic dance movement patterns. This section definitely defines the flavor of the entire workout. Then you will move on to the second combination, which is a bit longer than the first. This combination features a fun up and back pattern, as well as the tap hop repeater which we are sure you'll enjoy. Then you'll learn the third combination, which features a tough, yet fun, intensity blast in the middle of the combo. You'll be sweating your way through some very unique and energetic movement patterns. Some feature moves include a hop kick on top with a jack knee exit, a rejuvenated drop squat, pendulum, cha cha mix, and a tap heel shuffle 3 move. The final cardio section is our special bonus feature, The Rhythmic Step Challenge! You'll be sweating your way through a non-stop, heart pounding zig zag medley of ALL the finished products put together as one long combination. No breakdown, no stopping, just 100% endless energy! You'll love it! Finally, you'll conclude with a relaxing stretch.


  • Warm Up - 10 min.
  • 1st Step Aerobics Section - 11 min.
  • 2nd Step Aerobics Section - 14 min.
  • 3rd Step Aerobics Section - 12 min.
  • Rhythmic Step Challenge - 9 min.
  • Cool Down - 4 min.

Interval Max

No tricky choreography in this video. Just all-out-intense intervals. IntervalMax is a 60 minute workout based on the interval training concept. This workout will improve your cardiovascular fitness level and boost your metabolism, therefore allowing you to burn more total calories. The workout consists of a Warm Up followed by a mini step routine. It then continues with 10 intervals. Each interval has an aerobic, an anaerobic phase and a recovery phase. These intervals are not only extremely challenging but easy to learn and fun to do. The workout concludes with a relaxing stretch. The soundtrack in this workout is all instrumental, very upbeat and full of variety.


  • Warm Up - 13 min.
  • Step Aerobic Intervals - 38 min.
  • Cool Down - 3 min.
  • Stretch - 6 min.

Maximum Intensity Cardio

Maximum Intensity Cardio is a 70 minute advanced aerobic/step workout with the emphasis on aerobics and endurance. The first half of this video will challenge your cardiovascular system with a super charged high/low impact routine. The intensity of the hi/low starts out with moderate moves that rapidly get more intense. This section finishes with very challenging intervals that will test the endurance of even the advanced exerciser. The step portion of the workout continues to have cardiovascular demanding moves, but shifts your energy into a non-stop aggressive step workout. This step section will consist of three combinations that gradually become more intense by layering on power and variation. Your mind and body will love this cross-training combination. Mentally you are able to keep pushing because you shift your focus to a new movement style to free you from repetition. As always, Cathe saves the best for last, as she concludes with an all out step interval blast that will leave no doubt on why this video is called "Maximum Intensity." This workout should be alternated with Maximum Intensity Strength for a complete and balanced workout.


  • Warm Up 7 min.
  • Hi/Low Aerobics - 26 min.
  • Step Aerobics - 33 min.
  • Stretch - 4.5 min.

Cathe Friedrich's Rythmic Step workout DVD
Cathe Friedrich's Interval Max workout DVD
Cathe Friedrich's Maximum Intensity Cardio workout DVD
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Great DVD, Lots of Options June 22, 2016
Reviewer: Nichole from Texas  
First, this DVD comes with three different, full length workouts with varying options, so that's a great value. Second, the quality is obviously there, both in production value and the workouts themselves.

Rhythmic Step is one of my all time favorite step workouts. It's challenging enough to keep my interest, and it is intense, but it isn't something that needs two or three days recovery after.

IMAX is really challenging. I have done all the IMAX workouts and this one might be the hardest. Lots of intensity, higher step height and short recovery times. Great for when you need that challenge.

MIC is hard, straight up. It is not my favorite, but it does find its way into my rotations because it is an excellent workout.

This DVD contains top-notch workouts that are challenging enough to keep you interested and improving for a long time.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
oldie but goodie October 15, 2013
Reviewer: Margaret L. from NY United States  
3 excellent cardio challenges!!  Rhythmic step is steady state cardio but don't let that fool you.  It's a great step routine that moves right along.  You go through a routine that's add on style then do the completed routine.  DO this 3 times, in the end you have a challenge where you put them all together. Then there's the original Imax..WOW! A definite calorie burner.  You go through a step routine that repeats itself then on to the blast. 10 times! Another excellent step routine that will leave you breathless! Maximum intensity is an all out "eat you Wheaties" workout!  This one is truelly a challenge and probably the hardest of the 3.  The first part is hi/lo w/ NO step, sounds easy right....NOT!  The step section has no dancy choreography, just powerful movements that test your endurance.  All 3 have decent footwork as there is nothing tricky, just powerful athletic moves that get the heart rate up. Some of the moves are jacks, sumo sqats, power 15's etc.  These are keepers.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Time flew by! October 24, 2007
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Silver Spring,MDUnited States  
I just finished Rhythmic Step (I'm going back and discovering Cathe's older workouts), and I really enjoyed it. I've done lots of Cathe's step workouts and found that this one really challenged me with new moves and literally nonstop action. The time flew by as I concentrated on remembering the choreography, which is a challenge I enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the Rhythmic Step Challenge that linked all the choreography together. I messed up a few times but look forward to getting it all next time. This is a workout I look forward to trying again and boy did I sweat. Thanks, Cathe!

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
AMAZING cardio options July 10, 2007
Reviewer: Maddy from Los Angeles  
Interval Max is one of my favorite cardio/step workouts because I love to train using sprints/intervals like this. It's incredibly challenging and I doubt if many, if any, people could do it all the way through the 1st time. Or even the 2nd! But it's one to grow with and the moves are simple so you can focus on the work.

MIC is incredible and can easily be split into two separate sessions. I LOVE the step portion so I often pair that with something else (weights or another warm up). This hi-lo is great, just not usually my favorite activity.

But for amazing results and a lot of fun, Interval Max is a sure thing!

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
This whole DVD rocks! January 11, 2007
Reviewer: Lynne from Fort Mill,SCUnited States  
I just finished MIC. OH MY GOSH. It has truly kicked my butt. AND I FEEL GREAT.  Thank you, Cathe, for really creating a SUPER challenging and FUN workout. I know I'll be sore tomorrow, but I know its good for me.  :)

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