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High Step Circuit DVD
Cathe High Step Circuit Workout DVD

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This 50 to 60 minute fitness conditioning circuit will burn fat and shape and tone your body from head to toe. Upon completing the warm up, you will go into 6 fitness cycles. Each fitness cycle consists of the following:
  • A one fun and easy step aerobic combination (that repeats itself 4 times) totaling one minute.
  • A leg exercise on the high step.
  • A compound exercise that consists of legs and upper body using 3 pound handweights.
  • An upper body exercise using resistance tubing (working the same body part that was used with the weights just before it)
  • A core exercise a stretch completes this workout.


Upon completing the warm up, you will do an "easy to learn" one minute step aerobic pattern that is designed to elevate the heart rate to the aerobic zone (we will be on 6 inches for this, use an 8 inch height if you desire greater intensity). Then you will march in place briefly before selecting the height of your choice for a leg exercise. Each of the leg exercises are designed to keep the heart rate up while doing them (some examples of the leg exercises are leg presses, lunge kicks, running man, sculpting drills, side back lunges, etc). After the leg exercise, you will recover very briefly and get 3 pound hand weights (if you want more of a challenge simply use heavier weights here). We now do a compound exercise to keep the heart rate up while working the legs and arms simultaneously (e.g. plie squats and upright rows, squats and overhead press, lunge and side lateral raise, etc.). Upon completing this, we briefly rest while getting our tubing, and now the upper body works harder by doing the same upper body exercise as in the previous compound move with the tubing. (e.g. squats and overhead press with weights now becomes an exclusive overhead press with tubing). We complete this exercise cycle doing one minute of core work.

Depending on the exercise, you can make it harder by either adding a weight (e.g. a basic crunch can be done with a hand weight held over your chest), using longer arm or leg levers, or slowing a move down. After doing all of the six cycles, you will have worked each major muscle group of the body. You will really like the variety and overall pace of this workout.


  • Step Aerobic Combination (That Repeats Itself 4 Times) - 1 min.
  • Leg Exercise on the High Step
  • Compound Exercise that Consists of Legs and Upper Body
  • Upper Body Exercise Using Resistance Tubing
  • Core Exercise
  • Stretch
  • Total - 48 min.
Cathe Friedrich's High Step Circuit Workout DVD

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