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TPE Non-Latex Stretch Bands
TPE Non Latex Stretch Bands

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Use for Fitness, Core, Yoga/Pilates, Sport Training

3 Stretch Bands: Light, Medium, Heavy Resistance

  • Shape and Tone
  • Develop Strength and Core
  • Stretch and Flexibility

One option for strength-building thats growing in popularity is using resistance bands to build strength and muscle definition. At first glance, these colorful bands that come in different resistances don't look like they can rival weight machines, barbells or hand weights, but dont be deceived. You can get a good workout using this inexpensive piece of equipment. What are the benefits of resistance bands?

Benefits of Resistance Bands for Building Strength and Muscle Definition

For one, resistance bands are cheap. But don't let the price fool you. You can build strength and definition with these colorful bands that look like something a child would play with. Our 6ft. bands are all very elastic and latex free. As with all bands of this type make sure to keep your bands away from sharp edges like you will find on step risers and some shoes.

One of the benefits of resistance bands is they make it more difficult to cheat. Have you ever seen people at the gym wildly swinging weights around when they do sets? Theyre using momentum to propel the weight up. This cuts back the load on the muscles, which reduces the benefits. With resistance bands, it's impossible to do this. It forces you to use you to work your muscles without the advantage of momentum to make it easier.

Another benefit of resistance bands is the tension in the band increases as the band gets tauter. When you do a biceps curl using a resistance band, the tension is greatest as you approach the peak of the curl, which isnt true of a dumbbell. This helps to overload the muscle and build greater strength.

You can also use bands to do exercises on the horizontal plane since they arent dependent on gravity to develop tension. This gives you the option of attaching them to something and doing horizontal rows, straight-arm pull-downs and punch presses, among others. In fact, you can work all of your muscle groups using resistance bands.

Finally, resistance bands are easy to throw into a suitcase when you go on a trip, so you're never without your gym. Now there are no excuses not to work out when you're on vacation.

Should Resistance Bands Replace Dumbbells?

Resistance bands can be used as a standalone way to strength train, but it's even better to combine them with dumbbells to add variety and target muscles in slightly different ways. Using them is a good way to break through a plateau and keep your workout from becoming stale. It's nice to have a few bands at home for those days you can't make it to the gym too.

Whether you work out exclusively at home or go to a gym, you can benefit from using resistance bands. Our bands come as a set with three different resistances. Make them a part of your home workout equipment.