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Order My New STEP BOSS Aerobic Step Workout Videos and Fall in Love With Fitness Again

Arrree youuuuu readyyyy?? The time has come for me to announce my newest series- STEP BOSS! This series is designed for the advanced exerciser and is comprised of three step DVDs that will challenge your muscles and cardio endurance with fun new, energetic routines! While all of the routines are step based, they follow different formats for three totally different types of a challenge!

When you truly enjoy your workouts you're more likely to stick to your exercise routine and to reach your fitness goals. I've created STEP BOSS to bring back the joy of fitness so that you can fall in love with fitness again and once again look forward to your workouts. Isn't that the way it should be?

About My 3 New Advanced Step Boss Workout DVDs

IMAX4 - Low Impact

This DVD follows the same basic format of the past IMAX workouts, with the added bonus of this one being entirely low impact! You'll start each round with a basic step routine which we will repeat six times. You don't have to be a master stepper to follow these mini combos. They will be straightforward and easy to follow. Each mini combo will be followed by a low impact high-intensity blast segment which then transitions into a short resting phase. This pattern will be repeated throughout the workout. The advanced nature of the workout comes not from the complexity of the routine itself, but from the intensity and nonstop formatting.
*This DVD includes an Ab #2 bonus and Extended Chair Stretch bonus.

PHA3 Step

PHA by design is comprised of alternating upper and lower body exercises which allows one body part to rest while the other works. This DVD will follow that general pattern, but with an additional increase in cardio factor throughout the routine. With this workout, you can expect to sweat and burn as you challenge your endurance and muscular strength!
*This DVD includes bonus Ab Stacker and an Extended Lying Stretch bonus.


If you love step choreography this is the DVD for you! This workout routine will be entirely choreographed from beginning to end! We will build and execute advanced combinations that will make you feel like the "boss of your workout" by the time you're done!
*This DVD includes a 21-minute intermediate step routine for those exercisers who want to challenge themselves with StepSync but need a slower start. The combos in this bonus will be easier to grasp but will most definitely still be a challenge!

Not Only Does the Step Boss series offer 3 new workout routines but also includes:

  • Bonus Abs Two bonus Ab workouts to keep that core tight and toned.
  • Bonus Extended Stretch two extended stretches to help us lengthen and relax hard-worked muscles.
  • Bonus 21-Minute Intermediate Step Routine for those exercisers who want to challenge themselves with STEPsync but need a slower start. The combos in this bonus will be easier to grasp but will most definitely still be a challenge!
  • Premixes - All STEP BOSS DVDs will have numerous premixes.
** BONUS VIDEOs: Not all bonus videos are on every STEP BOSS DVD. See list above to see which bonus videos are on each DVD.

STEP BOSS Workout Times

IMAX 4 45:26
Step Sync 56:14
PHA 3 54:43
Bonus Intermediate Step 21:27
Bonus Ab Stacker 9:30
Bonus Ab's #2 9:58
Bonus Chair 16:57
Lying Stretch 10:00

FREE Online User's Guide

An online user's guide with several rotations and complete workout instructions will be available to download as a PDF or viewed on your computer. Rotations will also include our QuickSelect for OnDemand users which will automatically and instantly launch your OnDemand videos.
Cathe's STEP BOSS PHA 3 Workout DVD
Cathe's STEP BOSS IMAX 4 Workout DVD
Cathe's STEP BOSS Step Sync Workout DVD
Cathe's STEP BOSS Bonus Ab Stacker Workout DVD

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