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Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper DVD (from the LITE series)
Cathe Friedrich Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper Body DVDStrong Body Stacked Sets: Upper (from the LITE series)

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Description Equipment Needed Premixes
Cathe Friedrich LITE low impact Intermediate DVD series for women

Cathe Friedrich's Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper DVD (from the LITE Series)

Time to get your muscles pumping! This all upper body strength training exercise DVD will utilize giant sets to incorporate a whole lot of work into a short amount of time! With giant sets you will do a grouping of exercises back to back with little to no break before resting. Layering on exercises, reps, and sets will elevate your metabolic rate and totally fatigue your muscle! Elevating your metabolic rate with help you burn more calories and shed unwanted body fat. If you're looking to lose weight, burn fat, tone, tighten, and build beautiful shapely muscles, give this at home weight workout a try and start seeing results! You can also check out this weight training DVD partner's workout "LITE: Strong Body Stacked Sets: Lower" for a full body Stacked Sets experience!

This weight training DVD also includes a Pyramid Pump Lower Body strength bonus which can be used along with the main routine if you're looking to work your entire body or can be used alone as a separate lower body challenge. On this weight lifting DVD you will also get a 6 Pack Ab bonus to help strengthen and tone your midsection as well as an extended stretch to bring length and flexibility back to your hard worked muscles. You can choose one of the included 24 weight lifting workout premixes to combine the main routine with any of these add on bonuses or to choose a workout length that fits your schedule. There is enough variety to keep you from ever getting bored with this routine!

Equipment Needed

Main Routine: various weighted dumbbells, step with risers (or weight bench), fitness mat
Pyramid Pump Lower Body: various weighted dumbbells, sliding device, step with risers
6 Pack Abs 2: fitness mat
Extended Stretch: fitness mat

Workout Times

Main Program:
  • Warm-Up - 2:40
  • Main Program - 29:42
  • Stretch - 2:55
  • Total - 35:17

  • 6-Pack Abs 2 - 9:53
  • Pyramid Pump Lower Body - 38:26
  • Extended Stretch 2 - 10:43

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    Cathe Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper DVD Video Preview

      Cathe Friedrich LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper Body Workout DVD

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