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Stability Fitness Balls

Our Stability Balls are burst resistant and have been tested with up to 1000 lbs of weight. Our stability balls come in three sizes so make sure to choose the size that is right for your height:

For women and men 5' 4" and under - 55cm stability ball
For women and men 5' 4" to 6' 1" - 65cm stability ball
For women and men 6' 2" to 6' 9" - 75cm stability ball

Our Fitness by Cathe fitness accessories and equipment are available in over 2000 stores and online from us. We sell a wide variety of exercise products, including: STS Tower, Cathe Cardio Club Pro Step, risers for your step, medicine balls, stability balls, stretch bands, resistance tubing, ankle and wrist weights, yoga mats, and weighted vests. Most Fitness by Cathe items qualify for free shipping (USA only) when your order totals $99 or more. You can view  all of our Fitness accessories by clicking on the Fitness by Cathe"tab" in the main navigation header above.

The Right Exercise Equipment 

Many homes have fancy, expensive exercise equipment gathering dust in dark corners. Treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical trainers all seem to meet the same fate in the home gym graveyard. The good news is that there are convenient and inexpensive alternatives. One of the best ways to exercise is with a fitness or exercise ball. Our stability balls can be found at over 2000 stores or you can order directly from us; they dont require a large investment; and, they are easy to set up and use. 

Although the fitness ball has been around for decades, its popularity as a reliable and enjoyable form of exercise is growing. Fitness balls were originally used by physical therapists to rehabilitate people with injuries. But now they are being recognized for their capacity to strengthen the core, promote health, enhance balance, and aid in flexibility. Today almost all gyms have them and there are even fitness ball classes that center around their use. 

Advantages of Exercise Resistance Balls

Having an exercise ball around is a fun and easy way to get a workout almost anywhere. Even by replacing the chair in front of your computer with one will cause you to engage your core muscle groups almost without you even knowing it. Some other advantages to working out with an exercise ball include: 

  • It is low to no impact. 
  • It is easy on the joints. 
  • It is great for toning muscles.
  • It is great for developing core strength.
  • It is great for improving balance and flexibility
  • It can be used as a chair or a bench for free weight exercises.

Tips and Tricks 

Where exercise balls are concerned, size does matter. If your ball is too small or too large, you may lose your balance and your attempt at exercise will not be as effective. The exercise ball is sold in several different sizes with recommendations on the back of the package. Here are some other considerations: 

  • Inflate your ball so that when you sit on it your knees are at a 90 degree angle to your hips. 
  • Never use your exercise ball around sharp objects. 
  • Check your ball regularly for thinning, cracking and other signs of wear. It may be time to get a new one.

Who knew that an oversized ball could be such an effective way to get a low-impact workout, strengthen your muscles, and improve balance? The exercise ball is a convenient exercise tool and, most importantly, its fun and easy to use.

How to Get Free Shipping

Simply look for the "green truck" logo to enjoy free shipping on selected items throughout the store. If the items in your order which qualify for 'Free Shipping' total $99 or more after submitting any applicable discount coupons, your order ships FREE as long as you have only ordered qualified products! (USA Customers Only). All of our DVDs qualify for Free shipping as do most Fitness by Cathe accessories. Steps and the STS tower don't qualify for free shipping. We reserve the right to select the shipping carrier for all Free shipments.