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What is the ICE series? ICE, which stands for Intermediate Conditioning Extreme, is my new comprehensive intermediate series that will provide everything you've asked for and more. In fact by the time you finish reading about this series you will have no doubt that ICE is the new fiyah!

So many of our Cathletes have requested an intermediate series and ICE is 100% that plus so much more! How so? Well for starters we will have a modifier in our cast clearly visible throughout each workout. We will also offer so many "cool" options/extras in the ICE series that are not only desirable to the intermediate exerciser, but to all levels of fitness. Get ready for chilling new solid intermediate cardio workouts that offer additional "Blizzard Blast" intensity options for those intermediate exercisers who want to push their workouts to the next level. These same workout options are perfect for those advanced exercisers who are looking to engage in challenging workouts that don't quite push them as hard as their typical advanced workouts do.

You'll also have a "Muscle Meltdown" option which allows you to do solid weight workout for each individual body part. Oh, and don't let me forget to tell you about the two "Icy Core" ab add-ons to strengthen & tighten the core from multiple planes.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg! Now on to the more chilling details about each workout! Just click on the ICE discount bundle or individual DVDs located below to order or learn more.

ICE User's Guide

Free Online ICE User's Guide

An online user guide with several rotations and complete workout instructions can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed on your computer. Rotations will also include our QuickSelect for OnDemand users which will automatically and instantly launch your OnDemand videos.

Only the ICE Series Also Includes These Bonus Workouts

  • 5 "Muscle Meltdown" Workouts which means so you can train individual muscle groups for a short and effective strength and muscle toning workout
  • 2 Bonus Icy Core Workouts will strengthen and tone your core muscles which means you will look slimmer and more fit and also reduce back-related problems caused by a weak core.
  • 5 Bonus Blizzard Blasts which means more advanced exercisers can ramp up the intensity with these add-ons and get a workout more appropriate for their fitness level.
  • 130+ Premixes - Each DVD includes numerous premixes, many featuring the bonus workouts, which means you can do a different workout almost every day and never get bored.

* If you want to watch all 7 of the video clips from the ICE workout series or see a list of "Premixes" and "Equipment" for each workout you will need to click on the individual exercise DVDs below, not the discount bundle.
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ICE DVDs Discount Bundle Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox Boot Camp Circuit
ICE DVDs Discount Bundle
Our Price:
Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox DVD
Our Price:
Boot Camp Circuit DVD
Our Price:
Includes Over 135 Premixes Includes 20 Premix Workouts Includes 20 Premix Workouts
Low Impact Sweat Metabolic Total Body To The Mat: Legs & Glutes
Low Impact Sweat DVD
Our Price:
Metabolic Total Body DVD
Our Price:
Includes 33 Premix Workouts Includes 17 Premix Workouts Includes 17 Premix Workouts
Chiseled Upper Body Chiseled Lower Body-Blast
Chiseled Upper Body DVD
Our Price:
Includes 12 Premix Workouts Includes 18 Premix Workouts