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Cathe Hardcore Series: Gym Style Chest & Triceps Workout DVD cathe Back, Shoulders and Biceps workout DVD cathe pure strength series workout dvd
Pure Strength Series Exercise DVD
Regular Price $19.97

Level: Advanced - One of our most popular Strength Training Workouts Level: Advanced 3 Strength and Toning Workouts on 1 DVD
XTRAIN User's Guide cathe Intensity Series: Boot Camp + Muscle Endurance DVD workout dvd cathe Intensity Series: Pyramid Upper Body and Lower workout dvd
XTRAIN - User's Guide
Our Price: $19.97

Official User Guide for Cathe's XTrain Program Level: Advanced - 2 workouts on 1 DVD Level: advanced - 2 strength training workouts on 1 DVD
cathe slow & heavy series workout dvd cathe Body Max 2 workout DVD Total Body Tri-Sets  DVD
Slow & Heavy Series Workout DVD
Regular Price $22.97

Body Max 2 Exercise DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Total Body TriSets Workout DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Level: Advanced - 3 strength training workouts on 1 DVD Level: Advanced New! - Now in Stock!
XTRAIN Chest/Back/Shoulders Workout DVD XTRAIN Bis/Tris Workout DVD XTRAIN  Burn Sets Workout DVD
XTRAIN - Bi's & Tri's DVD
Our Price: $22.97

XTRAIN - Burn Sets DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Includes 12 Premix Workouts Includes 14 Premix Workouts Includes 15 Premix Workouts
Lift it Hit it Chest, Tris,Shoulders DVD Lift it Hit it Back, Biceps, Shoulders Lift it HiiT it Lower Body (featuring contrast training)
Lift it HiiT it Legs DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Includes 11 Premixes
Includes 11 premixes
Includes 8 premixes
HiiT Circuit Upper Body Workout DVD PHA Training DVD Ramped Up Upper Body DVD
PHA Training DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Ramped Up Upper Body DVD
Our Price: $22.97
Includes 8 premixes Includes Premixes Includes Premixes
STS Users' Guide Fit Tower Downloads Only Fit Tower Advanced DVD 3 Pack Bundle
STS Users' Guide
Our Price: $24.99

Fit Tower Downloads Only
Our Price: $37.97
Level: Advanced Does Not Include Premixes Includes Premixes
cathe cross train xpress workout dvd cathe Intensity Series Discount Bundle - All 3 Intensity workout DVD's
Gym Style Series DVDs
Our Price: $49.98
Cross Train Xpress Exercise DVD
Regular price $59.97

Level: Advanced - 3 workouts on 3 DVDs from the Hardcore series 8 workouts on 2 DVDs Level: Advanced - 6 workouts at a special discounted price
cathe 4 Day Split Series DVD Fit Tower DVDs and Downloads Workout Bundle
4 Day Split DVD series
Our Price: $59.97

Level: Advanced - 8 Workouts (4 Cardio + 4 Strength Workouts) Get Both DVDs and Downloads Level: Advanced - 9 workouts on 4 DVDs - Only $7.77 per DVD
DVD 5 Pack Bundle DVD 6 Pack Bundle Ripped With HiiT DVD (Discount Multi-Pack)
DVD 5 Pack Bundle
Our Price: $69.97

DVD 6 Pack Bundle
Our Price: $79.97

Includes Premixes Includes Premixes Includes all 9 RWH workouts and  74 premixes

DVDs To Tone and Shape Your Upper Body

A muffin top can sneak up on you, but you're less likely to wrestle with this problem if you're hitting the weights regularly. Don't give up the cardio, but if you have limited time to work out, make sure you've devoted some of your precious workout time to weights. Strength training is important at all stages of your adult life, but it's essential as you get older.

Yes, you can get stronger without building larger muscles. Strength training is important even if you don't want more muscle definition. Strength training offers metabolic benefits and helps protect you against loss of muscle and bone tissue as you age, not to mention it helps you stay functional. So now you have no excuse not to pick up a pair of weights.

Cathe has learned through years of teaching group fitness classes at her Gym in New Jersey which upper body exercises are the most effective and she shares that knowledge with you on all of her strength training workouts you see here..