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AfterBurn DVD Intensity DVD cathe cross train xpress workout dvd
AfterBurn DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Intensity DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Cross Train Xpress DVD
Regular price $59.97

New! - Now in Stock! Includes 9 Premixes 8 workouts on 2 DVDs
To The Max Workout DVD cathe the classics volume 1 workout dvd ICE DVDs Discount Bundle
To The Max DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Classics Volume 1 DVD
Regular Price $22.97

ICE DVDs Discount Bundle
Our Price: $99.97

Now In Stock 3 Step Workouts on 1 DVD Includes Over 135 Premixes
HiiT Fit Tower  Legs, Glutes & Core DVD Chiseled Upper Body
Chiseled Upper Body DVD
Our Price: $22.97

3 short high intensity interval training workouts on one DVD Cathe's Fit Tower  Legs, Glutes & Core DVD Includes 12 Premix Workouts
Metabolic Total Body Cycle Sweat DVD STS - Mesocycle #1 (12 DVD set)
Metabolic Total Body DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Cycle Sweat DVD
Our Price: $22.97
STS Phase 1 - 12 DVD Set
Our Price: $99.97

Includes 17 Premix Workouts Includes Premixes Level: Advanced - 12  workouts - The Most Advanced Workout System Available!
Low Impact Sweat DVD 5 Pack Bundle Fit Split Series - Downloads Only
Low Impact Sweat DVD
Our Price: $22.97

DVD 5 Pack Bundle
Our Price: $69.97

Includes 33 Premix Workouts Includes Premixes Fit Split Series - Downloads Only
Fit Split DVD Series Ramped Up Upper Body DVD Boot Camp Circuit
Ramped Up Upper Body DVD
Our Price: $22.97
Boot Camp Circuit DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Fit Split DVD Series Includes Premixes Includes 20 Premix Workouts
XTRAIN DVDs Only (Includes Ride! DVD) Ripped With HiiT DVD (Discount Multi-Pack) Boot Camp DVD
Boot Camp DVD
Our Price: $22.97

Over 144 Premix Workouts! Includes all 9 RWH workouts and  74 premixes Includes Premixes

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Welcome to Cathe Fitness! Browse our site for the best fitness products for a home workout that will get you in the best shape of your life. Our huge fitness video and fitness DVD selection will challenge people of all ages and workout levels.

For over twenty years we have been known for producing the highest quality workout and fitness exercise DVDs in the industry. We offer one of the largest privately held fitness libraries in the world with over 300 fun and challenging workout DVDs to help you get the results you are looking for. Our workout DVDs are known for their outstanding chapter menus and/or workout premixes that give you more control and workout options than other exercise DVDs.

Whether you're interested in low-impact or high intensity cardio, boot camp, STS, XTrain, Ripped with HiiT, kickboxing, strength and toning, high intensity interval training or step aerobics, we have the right fitness routines for you! Our selection of engaging and empowering fitness DVDs are fun and challenging.

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